Elvis sighting


Back in April, I reported on Josephine but we have new information. Was I ever a bird brain on this one. A peep was saying hello to Josephine and Josephine’s peep came out and talked. He set us straight on “Josephine”.

  1. Josephine is a male! (How’s a bird to know?)
  2. Josephine’s real name is Elvis
  3. The horse that shares the outside space with Elvis is Casey and is blind (for you squirrels out there, that’s blind, NOT blond).
  4. Elvis is 10 years old.
  5. Elvis is a rescue (as is Casey) because Elvis’ mom rejected him and wouldn’t let him feed from her.
  6. The peep we saw, took him in and bottle fed him (every four hours).

Here’s Elvis yesterday

And to top everything, a baby picture from 10 years ago (with Casey).

All Right! Elvis is a rescue also!


Don’t worry. I’m OK

Kali didn’t eat me-she just found a moulted feather of mine on the floor. I didn’t need it anymore.


No comment needed

Hat tip to Sara and ChooChoo the Shih Tzu


This breaks my heart

These signs are on our roads. Some of the others say “Still Lost”. I hope she’s OK. I hope she is microchipped.


Beat the Heat

Even though it is September, it is still 102F 39C here.  Kaci and Kali love that the wildlife (lizards, mice, snakes, and more) comes to the porch to chill. It’s their summer viewing.


I wanna be like Stu!

I grew up following my idol, Stuart of scottiechronicles.com (RIP, Dec 2015). Stuart was a purebred Scottie but wasn’t “show quality” because he had white patches. Ridiculous-he was wonderful and was not only wonderful to his peeps but gave the rest of us many smiles.


IIn this house, we all love Stuart and want to be like Stu!

Stuart is my inspiration so I’m sprouting white patches on my chest and feet to be like Stu.





We’re being spied on

No, I’m not paranoid and I can prove it. The spy has a great disguise:

But as with a lot of dishonest creatures, it has a weak spot.

It tries to eat the grass. A real rabbit wouldn’t think about it. It is plastic AstroTurf.  Good get up, squirrel. However your lack of brains gives you away.