The best Advent Calendar-EVER

Look at what the peeps got. It’s an advent calendar where you open up a window every day From December first to Christmas Eve. Behind every window is a half liter can of German beer and they’re all different. Kali is waiting for her share.

But there’s a problem. The peep said that there will be no beer for pups or parrots.



Holiday card list-please repost

It’s that time of year and the Blogville Holiday list is going live! To get yourself on the list  (and receive the entire list by email) please use the following template:

Blog name-

Blog url-

Email address-

Snail mail address-

Anipals (name, type)

For example:

Blog name-Kyla Scott

Blog url-kylascott.com

Email address-kyle.a.scott@gmail.com

Snail mail address-
Kyla Scott

44121 N 16th Street

New River, AZ 85087-0971


Anipals (name, type)
Kaci (dog)
Kali (dog)
Kismet (parrot)
Please have these in by November 17
Send them in an email to
The subject is important
If you don’t specify, your email will get lost. For example, I only want email cards because I don’t want a cluttered mail box and also realize that the expense (especially for international) is considerable and I can save a few trees and I don’t want to lose places to perch. Also it would help if you repost this so the word gets out.
Love, Kismet (your air mail specialist)

I didn’t do “Trick or Treat”

I only did “Treat”.


And I got a lot of them-I have “the look” down pat.


This place is too scary for a bird

And the end of next month is really scary. Time to go hide.


Elvis sighting


Back in April, I reported on Josephine but we have new information. Was I ever a bird brain on this one. A peep was saying hello to Josephine and Josephine’s peep came out and talked. He set us straight on “Josephine”.

  1. Josephine is a male! (How’s a bird to know?)
  2. Josephine’s real name is Elvis
  3. The horse that shares the outside space with Elvis is Casey and is blind (for you squirrels out there, that’s blind, NOT blond).
  4. Elvis is 10 years old.
  5. Elvis is a rescue (as is Casey) because Elvis’ mom rejected him and wouldn’t let him feed from her.
  6. The peep we saw, took him in and bottle fed him (every four hours).

Here’s Elvis yesterday

And to top everything, a baby picture from 10 years ago (with Casey).

All Right! Elvis is a rescue also!


Don’t worry. I’m OK

Kali didn’t eat me-she just found a moulted feather of mine on the floor. I didn’t need it anymore.


No comment needed

Hat tip to Sara and ChooChoo the Shih Tzu