What’s wrong with old ladies?

Nobody really knows the actual birth dates for Kali and Kaci. Both were listed as “strays” and on the “list” at kill shelters. Kaci’s birthday was listed as February 30. For those of you who are still reading, my 9th birday is April 15 which is “Tax Day” in the US. Just a hint, send your refunds to me-no bills, please.

Kaci was listed as a birthday of February 30th which means she’ll never grow old. The peeps decided that March 8th, 2012 was her birthday and that was awfully arbitrary. So we celebrated Kaci’s fifth birthday today. Kaci and Kali got extra dinner (and it was special) and toys.

Kaci has matured and has learned how to lay eggs.She will be a superstar soon.

My birthday is coming up. So don’t send me any tax bills. SQUAAAAWK!


We Lost a Family Member Yesterday


Bandit’s peeps and Kali, Kismet, and my peeps are family. Bandit went to the bridge yesterday. I’m writing this post because I met Bandit but Kismet and Kali did not. Bandit was born May 20, 2001 and was a very cute doxie puppy


I got to meet Bandit when Kyla and I accompanied the peeps on the long car trip to Montana in 2013.SAM_0736SAM_0838SAM_0842

When  Kyla went to the bridge late 2014, it was a double whammy. Bandit was diagnosed with cancer. He survived with chemo until yesterday. Bandit is survived by his doxie brother, Digger. Bandit’s peeps and Digger didn’t have a blog but followed this one. I asked his peeps if they wanted to say something and they did:

Bandit was a fighter. Strongest dog ever.  26 month cancer survivor. He loved adventures. He loved his toys and would steal new ones from his brother. He fought till the very end. Loved car rides in my lap. He was very quick with the kisses and loves and snuggles. Loved to open presents. He would also sing for the “Niners” for Misty. He loved to sing Sugarland’s “All I want to do” with Cindy. He was also my protector.  He was too smart for his own good. He had hops, he could grab a pizza box off the counter. He hated wearing clothes. My brother made a great pillow. He also loved curling up to the fireplace on a cold night. Finally, he LOVED laying in the sun as it came thru the windows and followed it around the house. 
You can edit these as you like. But this was Bandit!!! 
No editing necessary. Run Free, Bandit. Find Kenzie and Kyla. We love you all.




It’s time to step up again.

When the Mayan calendar was ending a few years ago and the apocalypse was imminent, one savior protected us all


Kyla said “to hell with my hair-do” and she put on a tinfoil hat. The world is still here. Unfortunately, Kyla isn’t with us-she forgot to keep wearing the hat. But there’s a new menace coming:


It is a heavenly body scheduled to crash into earth in October. Don’t believe me? It’s on the internet so it must be true

I asked for Kismet’s help and she said that nobody messes with her head (although she feels free to mess with everyone else’s head). I asked Kaci but all I got was “my HAIR, my HAIRSAM_1852“. This leaves it up to me. I’m going to design my “save the world” tinfoil hat soon. I can’t do it on an empty stomach.


The truth is out-Kali is a pervert

Why else would she wear one of my  underfeathers on her nose? She has a fetish.






Wordless Wednesday

Au revoir



Merry Christmas!

Many of you have seen our Christmas card already but I’m certain that some have not. I don’t have everyone’s email address. It’s been  modified a bit for those who saw it before. Some who received it asked about the Arizona Christmas “trees”. The one with the hats had peep help with the hats. The other was the way it was in nature. The red things are mature seed pods. It still has a couple, but the picture was taken in mid-October which is high season for the red pods.



Happy Holiday Season

from Kaci




And me with my Santa Claws beard. Love, Kismet


Arizona Holiday Trees

Not photoshopped



Christmas Decorations

Everyone else is showing off their holiday decorating skills. Here’s ours



Yup the house is getting painted and the windows are covered with plastic. “Not in the Christmas spirit”, you say, Sweet William? When the peeps get the bill, they’ll be seeing RED and paying a lot of GREEN.