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In Our house, Kismet the parrot likes anything with music. Even though They go out on Monday night (He works and She’s with him), when it is on, They leave Kismet with the TV on the Dancing with the Stars channel. She goes bonkers-chirping, squawking, and going back and forth on any perch she’s on. […]

Sorry ’bout that

Oh me-I’m getting used to this blogging thing. I was wondering why nobody commented on my first post. Then I went to do something and saw that there were comments “awaiting approval”. Why, of course I approve! There must be some option that allows you to comment immediately, like on Stuart’s blog. I’m on the […]

Phone Calls

It’s baaack. We’re talking about elections. Nothing drives Them up the wall more than the constant recorded phone calls from the candidates and when They’re upset, I catch the vibes and I’m upset. Not only that but it delays my dinner many times. It’s even worse in primary season because there are so many more […]