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OK, I’ve been tagged by Stuart and a couple of others plus others who didn’t know where to find me. The problem is that anyone I want to tag has already been tagged. So here goes: 1) Describe yourself in seven words. Hungry, famished, ravenous, gourmande, underfed, voracious, starved. 2) What keeps you up at […]

The neighbors-part two

We turn to the West. ¬†They met the Wests before ground was broken for either home in a chance meeting when both were looking at their lots. The Wests had a young female dachshund with them. She was black and tan but I hadn’t been born yet. The 2 houses were constructed and the Wests […]

The neighbors-part one

We live on a cul-de-sac with 8 one acre lots. They have to be at least one acre because we’re in what used to be very rural but that’s changing. There’s no city water or sewer so we’re on well and septic. We’re in the middle house of three that were built somewhat together (we […]

Westminster thoughts

Did you see the Westminster Dog Show? Before it started, I knew the Scottish Terrier wasn’t going to win. Sadie won two years ago and they just don’t have the same breed win that close together. It makes sense-we know that if you judged on merit, the Scottie would win all of the time and […]


Do you have a pet?¬† I do and her name is Kismet, an Indian Ringneck parrot. Here’s a picture of Kismet when she was too young to go home with us. That was almost four years ago. You can see the terrier attitude she has; she showed it even then. They had to get a […]