Do you have a pet? 

I do and her name is Kismet, an Indian Ringneck parrot. Here’s a picture of Kismet when she was too young to go home with us. That was almost four years ago. You can see the terrier attitude she has; she showed it even then. They had to get a bird to replace Boomerang who was a yellow cockatiel. “Boomer” was also my pet. I spotted Boomer flying outside and gave out the alarm. He walked outside to see what I was trying to point out and Boomer flew on to his shoulder. This startled Him so much that he flinched and Boomer flew away but only return to the shoulder in a couple of seconds. They tried and tried to find the peep who would be missing Boomer but no luck. They bought Boomer a palace of a cage and Kismet occupies it now. Boomer was with us for five years until They came home one day and Boomer was on the bottom of the cage and crossed the bridge. There was no apparent reason, We think it was old age with no idea of Boomer’s age. I was really upset and used to stay by the cage, hoping something would happen. I knew Boomer was dead; They showed the body to me. Finally, They got the message and got Kismet-I’m a happy camper again. Kismet got her name because it was unisex-we didn’t know she was female until the time passed when males got a very distinct black band around the neck. She named her but He wanted to wait and now would have named her Campbell. She thinks it is great sport to take food and put it in her water-thereby making soup. She can take a 12 pack cardboard refrigerator container for soda and shred it in a day. They have a good source of supply for these empty containers.

About Kismet

I'm a 16 year old Indian Ringneck parrot curmudgeon in New River, Arizona in the wild west country. If you're a sunflower seed, you're dinner.

13 comments on “Kismet

  1. I have two pets. And I call them, “The Peeps.” They do my bidding. Play with me. Feed me. Take care of me. You name it.

    Maybe I’ll ask Them to entertain me by shredding cardboard, like Kismet. Huuummm…..

    ARooooo, Stuart

  2. My equivalent of your pets are called servants. I have two of them also.

  3. You made us laugh with groundchuck over at Stuart’s place today.
    Your funny!! Glad they got you another bird ~ it would have been sad to sit and wait for Boomer to come back.
    Sweet William The Scot
    PPsssss ~ When we read you use unisex names, we have to ask are two people writing this blog?? I can tell when Stuart’s He peep writes sometimes.

  4. Nope, It is just I, Kyla. I write when I’m not thinking about food and that’s why I miss days at a time. I can read everyone else’s blogs with my mouth full so I follow a lot of you every day.

    • I find it interesting that when I hit on myself at you blog I get “Sorry ‘sweetwilliamthescot’ does not exist or is not available”
      Guess I am not real!!! Now she does not have to feed me I am a figment of her imagination.
      the nonexistent Scot

  5. That mystifies me also. I use the same blogger as Stuart uses. You use a different one (the same as Douglas and Daisy). You might try doing the same thing as you do for Stuart.

  6. She wants a bird (African Grey) but He thinks we’d think it was a toy and you know what we Scots do to toys ……… She also wants a guinea-pig ……..

    However as for pets for us, we, like you guys have two. They’re nearly trained, but it’s an ongoing everyday challenge, but we persevere. There’s nothing like a “Terrier with a bone” is there? No Kyla, not the “bone” you eat, but the “bone” in the proverb!

  7. I noticed your post on Douglas about Downunder Daisy. Several of us have been talking! None of us can get the blog it says it was deleted by blog owner. Those that had an e-mail sent e-mails, but no reply.
    Sweet William the Scot

  8. I’m getting worried about my Southern girls. Did the Aussies invent an internet-kill switch and use it? I emailed Stuart because I don’t have Daisy’s email address.

  9. Jazzi here, nice to meet you. I dont have a pet but I do have a big little sister, Little cuz she is like 1 1/2 yrs old but big like she is 65 lbs!! Ha! Drop by my blog anytime.


  10. I have 4 dogs and 3 parrots ( green-cheeked aAmazon, Goffin’s cockatoo, and an African Grey). Of course, 2 cats, too. Glad there are others that can enjoy a variety of animal companions. Rescued parrots need love and homes too, so we took them in. The cockatoo is very terrier!

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