Do you have any ideas?

Two nights ago, before They went to bed, He was on the old ‘puter and She was doing whatever. When it was time for Them to go to bed, His side of the bed had red stuff and wetness on it. They blamed me for vomiting some tomatoes. That’s how much They know me-I DO NOT waste food! They washed the sheets and They had a late night. On Wednesday morning, They noticed red prints on the rugs in the bathroom. It wasn’t yours truly who did the bed the previous night, nor was it Daisy’s Somedoggie. It was Kenzie, who was bleeding from his foot and licked it so much, the sheets were really wet. Boy, did I get a load of undeserved grief. Then yesterday Kenzie started walking on three legs and keeping the hind right up. Today we all went to the vet-I gained a pound back in the last week and the vet was happy. But the main event was Kenzie-he knew he was going to the vet and was whimpering all the way there-hey, Kismet squawks better than Kenzie because Kenzie just complains but Kismet has attitude (hey I hate to be racist, but is really IS a blue thing). It turned out that Kenzie had a toenail missing and the vet prescribed anti-biotics and pain meds. Now, I ask you experts, I know Kenzie better than anyone (but I don’t have him completely figured out) but what can cause a toenail to be gone on an inside dog? Now I’m wondering everything about Kenzie more than ever.

About Kismet

I'm a 16 year old Indian Ringneck parrot curmudgeon in New River, Arizona in the wild west country. If you're a sunflower seed, you're dinner.

4 comments on “Do you have any ideas?

  1. Chuckin’ up tomatoes…..really! Hope poor Kenzie’s toe is feeling better. Bella has had a sore leg all week….

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  2. Poor Kenzie that can be really painful. Kenzie probably caught it on something to break it. Now me, my first toe on both front feet are worn so crooked (because of my legs and how I have to walk) they bleed and shale often.
    Sweet William The Scot

  3. Huummmmm….. Sweet William might be on to something. A broken nail can linger around until it gets, well, time for the thing to just fall off! YIKES. You know that hurt. And maybe he, uh, well, since it was hurting so badly, you know, he just decided to take care of it himself and yank it off. Yeah, he chewed on it for a while. That’s my theory and I’m darned gonna stick to it.

    Poor guy.

    Aroo, Stu


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