We’re doing spring

Spring is here! The orange, lemon and lime blossoms are out. Here are some orange blossoms-wonderful to smell:

Remember the Aloe Vera from earlier this month (the 8th)? It is starting to flower:

And here is our brittle bush-a native wildflower and this one is a volunteer. It isn’t removed because it is the Kenzie pissing bush where he does his leg lifts and watering:

These are common along the roads and on the hillsides here. This is the only one in our back yard. Kenzie thinks that this plant would have white flowers if he didn’t “fertilize” it. Nobody has the heart to tell him that there are a lot of them ouside the yeard that he can’t see and they ALL have yellow flowers. We wonder about Kenzie.

About Kismet

I'm a 16 year old Indian Ringneck parrot curmudgeon in New River, Arizona in the wild west country. If you're a sunflower seed, you're dinner.

8 comments on “We’re doing spring

  1. We like all your flowering plants. Our inside Aloe Vera has never bloomed and we never knew that it could! Nice to have a weed bush that says come pee on me Kenzie. Gosh,
    talking bushes, Bushes around me don’t say anything.
    Sweet William The Scot

    PeeeeS ~ Thanks for the comment, but it is truly “Oh no What Have I done” over on our blog. Lee cannot get our background that she designed herself with scots to download nor can she get our header to accept small font sizes. We got an offer to do demo Kong Dog Toys, but they cannot ship to our PO Box. So we are always shaking our heads.

  2. His own pissing bush……wow! We think the weeds are beautiful in Spring and summer. Looks like Spring is well and truly there. We have a lemon tree just on the other side of our back fence. Usually, we’re allowed to pick the ones that extend into our garden. It has lots of green lemons on it right now.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    • You only have a couple of months at most until your lemons are ready. We have over ½ a year. We had a warm winter but the previous year we didn’t and we didn’t get any lemons or limes at all, just oranges. It seems to be too cold here for grapefruit and the two trees They planted died before having any fruit.

  3. its spring here,too. I was at the dog dr today, and there was a westie named McKenzie just ahead of me to see a different dr. He was crying. We saw him have a fit over being weighed, and then heard him in the exam room crying. I got 2 shots, stuff up my nose, and my sore foot mashed and poked and didn’t make a sound. All so I could get a treat. Girl scotties are tough

  4. Sorry, I meant to ask if that was your Kenzie today, but Mom thinks you are in Arizona and we are not.

    My aloe has yellow flowers

    • Kenzie starts shaking 20 miles before we get to the groomer-he just knows. I know also but what can I do about it? Yes, we’re in Arizona, where are you? Yes, the last picture today was the one and only actual Kenzie.

  5. Kyla way to go eating books! Your Kenzie looks like the one we saw yesterday. We are in Nevada. I get groomed at home and I like my dog dr, I do the happy dance when I see her. Mom isn’t to swift with the computer, we normally just read the blogs, found you thru Stuart

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