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Things are looking up!

The test for valley fever was negative (although there are about 10% false negatives) and the levels for pancreatitis are not in the area that would show I have it but are in the high end. He prescribed two anti-biotics and some aspirin for Him ($60 for meds). Here is a shot from Tuesday-it is […]

Preliminary results

Doc Cohen called this morning. A lot of stuff looks good except for a couple of things. We’ll know more by Thursday. It could be Valley Fever or pancreatitis but the results from other, more definitive tests are still to come. Until then, the good news is that I get more food and the bad […]

I was right all along!

This morning started out normally (for me). I have Addison’s Disease and I need a shot every 25 days to live. It’s really not too bad for me since I get treats after and I’m getting used to it. So I piled into the Scottiemobile and was ready to go. It’s 12 miles to Anthem […]

Spring is coming-garden essentials Spring is here-garden essentials S

It’s 65 and sunny. Spring Training games are being played 30 minutes away. The garden is waking up. Here are things your garden shouldn’t be without: The above is a rosemary bush. It was bought at the garden department of a Home Depot about 8 years ago and stuck in the ground. It has been […]

I’m a high-maintenance girl

I showed Them. The night I came home from Sherry’s, He put his pants on the bed and went out to the bathroom. Time for action!    I went into the pockets and got some cabbage and started munching.      The last time I only ate a 20. Inflation hit home.


Here’s what we looked like in the morning. We’re just two terriers minding our own business and not bothering anyone. The They took us to Sherry’s Pampered Pets. Pampered, my patootie-we got fleeced. Look at us now: As you can see, when we got home I complained loudly and Kenzie immediately went to find a […]