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On the other side of the door…

The last post had a picture of our doggy door. It’s really terrible how Kenzie and I are treated. It’s a prison. Here’s what the other side looks like It is actually a six foot by 20 foot cage that is also 8 foot high. Even the top is chain link fence They have a […]

I’m a desert dog

Today, it was coming down cats and peeps. It doesn’t rain often in the desert but when it wants to, it can come down in flash flood type volume. We had a bit of that today Look at the water, the rain is coming so hard the pool is boiling. I hate the rain and […]

Sympathy Barkfest

Kenzie watches the front and I watch the back. Here’s Kenzie on duty You canines saw it but I bet your peeps didn’t. There’s a rabbit there (no it’s not Kenzie-his ears aren’t that long).  This cannot go unpunished. Kenzie starts the alarm and the barkfest. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing (unless I’m inhaling […]

It’s getting warm and my friends are back

It’s 97 today and my friends are coming  out of the woodwork-actually their holes in the ground. We love our little critters and they’re not dangerous unless you’re an insect or scorpion and they eat you. Here, in New River, we don’t have any stop lights, city water or sewer. We do have our own […]


Sparhawk Scotties had a post ( the other day that had a comic from Raising Duncan by Chris Browne. It was a little sad (and the title of the post  said so). It’s a crying shame that Raising Duncan isn’t being written anymore but you can find the archives here: It’s highly recommended. My favorite […]

Foto Failure

Others have Friday Foto Fun featuring Photos that have been photoshopped. Not me-I don’t need to. I can just put up some of His photography that failed. Next month, I’m going to interview a dog star and the photography should be professional, mostly because her peep is a professional photographer and works with Him. This […]

AHH, Paradise

Birds of Paradise Dogs in Paradise

I hope history repeats itself

About four years ago, I found an undiscovered morsel of food on the kitchen floor.   Since then, I’ve been checking the kitchen about every fifteen minutes but haven’t found anything since. Time to check now. Rats, nothing right now. I even checked under all the stuff. Maybe in a few minutes……


Once again, I have to appeal to the canine court. Look at the floor mat on the way to the back yard and look at us behind a screen. They treat the mat better-the mat gets to go outside without a leash. We ask you, is this fair? They’ll put up a defense about hawks, […]

Publish or Perish

After one receives an advanced degree (mine is in Canine Cuisine-if you must use the term “Doggie Dining”, you may but only if you give me a treat first), one is expected to perform original research in the field and publish the results. I did the research and I’m publishing. The world is running out […]