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I hope history repeats itself

About four years ago, I found an undiscovered morsel of food on the kitchen floor.   Since then, I’ve been checking the kitchen about every fifteen minutes but haven’t found anything since. Time to check now. Rats, nothing right now. I even checked under all the stuff. Maybe in a few minutes……


Once again, I have to appeal to the canine court. Look at the floor mat on the way to the back yard and look at us behind a screen. They treat the mat better-the mat gets to go outside without a leash. We ask you, is this fair? They’ll put up a defense about hawks, […]

Publish or Perish

After one receives an advanced degree (mine is in Canine Cuisine-if you must use the term “Doggie Dining”, you may but only if you give me a treat first), one is expected to perform original research in the field and publish the results. I did the research and I’m publishing. The world is running out […]

The Scottiemobile

This is old hat to followers of the scottiechronicles but there are some who don’t know about my personal car. It looks like a Scottie; it is small, agile, and powerful. I even get to drive it but only in reverse. As befits a true Scottish princess-I get chauffered. Yes, that is the official license […]