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Bark in the Park without some important things.

There are a lot of baseball teams that have one game a year when dogs are allowed. Some call it “Dog Days of Summer”. Yesterday, at Chase Field in Phoenix, was “Bark at the Park” and He was going. Do you think He’d ask me to go? In two words, and I quote verbatim-ABSOLUTELY NOT! […]

What I learned this weekend

Yesterday Kenzie had to go to the (shhh v-e-t) with an eye problem. It turns out that he had an infection. Now he needs to take some pills and get eye drops. In the process, the v-e-t shaved some of the fur around the eye. Here’s what he looks like: He’s hiding under a bed […]

Masters of the Desert

One of the best things about Scottieblogging is seeing how the dogs in the other blogs live and the difference in the environments. Although I’m almost ten, one is never too old to learn. Here’s something about here for you. I guess if I titled this post “Botanical Lesson” you never would have looked. In […]


I have a new camera. Before I learn how to use it, there’s a problem. See it? Kenzie has something to eat and I have nothing. I’m watching…. all Kenzie has do to is one false move or a moment of inattention and that food is MINE. We won’t mention the fact that I got […]

It’s not THAT bad

When we woke up and went outside to piddle, both Kenzie and I smelled smoke. Sure ’nuff there was a wild fire about 35 miles northwest. We’ve had them before (and some a lot closer and bigger) so this wasn’t a threat. Here are the daytime views going from east to west. Notice the blue […]

Big Deal-no harm, no foul

Another snake in the driveway. It’s pretty. Coachwhip snakes are harmless-come again.

We’ve been robbed again!

This is really embarrassing, but I have to tell all. Every Monday and Thursday, a big truck comes and steals our garbage. Kenzie gets on his perch on high and I get on my post to protect down low. As hard as we try, the truck always takes our garbage meaning we have to produce […]

Good news and bad news

Back in February (, I gave the history of the house to the east of us. This house has been unoccupied for FOUR years. It was recently sold and the good news is that the new occupants are wonderful. I was a little worried when my peeps met those peeps. You know how peeps are, […]

Further dietary research

I’m referencing my March 27 post ( about the forest product food group and my April 9 post ( On Monday night, They went out without us and I thought it was a perfect time to continue my research. They thought They had Kyla-proofed the house. We terriers are very determined. Since They forgot about […]