We’ve been robbed again!

This is really embarrassing, but I have to tell all. Every Monday and Thursday, a big truck comes and steals our garbage.

Kenzie gets on his perch on high and I get on my post to protect down low.

As hard as we try, the truck always takes our garbage meaning we have to produce new to replace what’s been stolen. The truck sneaks away, but we know that it is going around behind the back fence to steal other stuff. We’re off to protect the back.

Kenzie and I prevent any theft from the back

Kenzie and I try so hard to protect all the stuff in front and I don’t think our peeps appreciate the effort. I try so hard that I not only removed the paint by the window but my nails cut grooves in the drywall. The peeps put up some stone stuff and it’s harder for me to chase the truck away. My nails don’t penetrate the stone.

Not only is a terrier’s work never done-it is unappreciated. If They’d only let us out to attack the thieving truck we wouldn’t be without our garbage. We’d fix it once and it wouldn’t happen ever again.

About Kismet

I'm a 16 year old Indian Ringneck parrot curmudgeon in New River, Arizona in the wild west country. If you're a sunflower seed, you're dinner.

9 comments on “We’ve been robbed again!

  1. Every Monday and Thursday gosh you must have good garbage for the theif
    to come twice a week. Why do they come so often?
    Sweet William The Scot

  2. Garbage can change a lot in a short time in Arizona heat. My peeps won’t do it, but I’d keep it inside with us-safe, sound and cool.

  3. Ours gets stolen once a week, just about the time it smells the best. I don’t like the truck, so I leave it alone. The big can is what I protect and guard. I do my best scottie scream whenever anyone takes the big can to the curb, brings the big can home, or puts more things in it. Just trying to keep the big can safe….


  4. wow—I just noticed the time stamp on my comment. I’m just one state away, and my clock says its 8:12pm on Monday. The comment says its 3:11 am on Tuesday. Maybe thats why my person is so confused??


  5. We only get our “garbage” stolen ONCE every TWO WEEKS. Make of that what you will ………

    At least you try and keep it safe though – we just watch ours being taken away.

  6. We only yell at dad when the big black can is wheeled out to the street, we are so far from the street at the gate, like 87 thousand feet that the truck gets to sneak by, while we are sleeping in the shade.

    • We don’t nap when our stuff is being stolen. Tell dad to stop putting it in such an insecure spot-it makes it easy pickings for those thieves.

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