It’s not THAT bad

When we woke up and went outside to piddle, both Kenzie and I smelled smoke. Sure ’nuff there was a wild fire about 35 miles northwest. We’ve had them before (and some a lot closer and bigger) so this wasn’t a threat. Here are the daytime views going from east to west. Notice the blue skies in the east.

Whoopsies-more smoke

Then even more to the west

Don’t worry about us, we’re in good shape and safe. The fire is distant, we’re downhill from it and the wind is blowing it away from us.

About Kismet

I'm a 16 year old Indian Ringneck parrot curmudgeon in New River, Arizona in the wild west country. If you're a sunflower seed, you're dinner.

9 comments on “It’s not THAT bad

  1. Like that first pic, what a nice senic view, that catus ever got you.

  2. Oh My ~ I do hope all of you stay safe Kyla. Did you ran calling Wildfire? You live in a very interesting place. Did you move there after the San Francisco earthquake you mentioned being at the game when the earth moved? Have you ever seen any questionable objects in the sky?
    Sweet William The Scot

    • They moved here 10 years after the quake. They were at the game but it wasn’t that bad for Them, They were only 3 rows from the field by home plate-nothing overhead and on solid concrete. The friends who used His other tickets in the upper deck thought they were goners.

  3. Oh now We’ve got to worry about YOU GUYS???? It wasn’t bad enough that Downunder Daisy was MIA for weeks at a time??? Get out the fire hoses. Water down the homestead!!! Jump in your pool!!

    Oh me.

    • Don’t worry-we’re fine. One year we saw the ridge burning that’s in the first photo in the upper left. Around here, the brush has been cleared and there’s not that much to burn-we have rocks but not coal on the ground. Cactus is mostly water. The fire is in a National Forest with plenty of fuel. The smoke is way down this morning.

  4. Klya
    The fire in Phoenix last Wednesday sent all its smoke & haze here (Las Vegas), we could hardly see down the block! It made me sneeze. Stay close to the hose, just in case

    Noodledog (still no blog)

    • Don’t say I never gave you a present. You’re welcome. That the smoke is in Nevada is good for me. It means that the wind is blowing away from us-the fire is between there and here. I don’t want the wind blowing the fire my way.

      Kyla (wondering why Noddledog still has no blog)

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