Bark in the Park without some important things.

There are a lot of baseball teams that have one game a year when dogs are allowed. Some call it “Dog Days of Summer”. Yesterday, at Chase Field in Phoenix, was “Bark at the Park” and He was going. Do you think He’d ask me to go? In two words, and I quote verbatim-ABSOLUTELY NOT! “Well, why not?”. He said something about working and the dogs weren’t allowed in His work area. So I stayed home and He reported what happened. He left early and all the dogs were supposed to gather around entry gate K. He went looking for a Scottie and didn’t see one. In one of His smarter moves, He asked the terriers that were there. He found Archie and Roni (who is a rescue from the local Black and White Rescue that specializes in Scotties and Westies).

Archie and Roni, who are from Mesa, hadn’t seen any Scotties but immediately went on the lookout to be helpful. Next he asked Rowdy and Rockie from Tempe.

They hadn’t seen any but there was a black Cairn Terrier somewhere. On His search for the Cairn to see if she had seen any Scotties, He encountered Tyson from Scottsdale who confirmed the Cairn sighting but also hadn’t seen a Scottie.

It was looking grim. He found the Cairn-it was Wrigley from Phoenix

Wrigley hadn’t seen any yet, but told Him that there were Westies about.

He had hope when he saw a black dog in the distance. On further review, it was a Pulli-a sheepdog from Hungary.

Then the dogs got called into the park. They had a parade around the outfield warning track.

After the parade, the dogs were all together in a ghetto section. In one last attempt, he asked if anyone saw a black dog with a beard. The common response was “did you lose one?”. Finally a Golden pointed out a black dog with a beard.

It turned out to be Starr-a Giant Schnauzer from Mesa. Starr, you’re the honorary Scottie for the event.

Yes, they had a game-The home team won four to three. Milwaukee tried to cheat on “bark in the park” day by starting a pitcher named Randy WOLF. It didn’t work

Seeing that there were NO Scotties there (33,481 peeps and 352 dogs), I’m glad I didn’t go. I heard that, Stuart-what’s that about sour grapes? Anyway all’s right with the world because He brought home the give-away

It’s a collapsible canvas dog water dish for the car. How sweet to remember moi. I am a little disappointed at the local Scotties-the Pulli got a representative there and there wasn’t one Scottie (well, Starr was a Scottie for the day).

About Kismet

I'm a 16 year old Indian Ringneck parrot curmudgeon in New River, Arizona in the wild west country. If you're a sunflower seed, you're dinner.

12 comments on “Bark in the Park without some important things.

  1. What was his work for? Looking for a Scot when he had you at home. Looking for a Scot he should have just taken you problem solved! Kenzie was well represented.
    Sweet William The Scot

    • Let’s just say that He is an innocuous member of the fourth estate.
      What He does enables Him to purchase my food-and you know I don’t want to stop that. He was kind enough to try to get me a vicarious experience of the event when He knew that if I attended, He’d lose the ability to purchase my food which would be a no-no.

  2. Kyla, you could have represented us all! No scotties…just criminal. THEY use that WORK (four letter)word all the time to keep us from doing good things.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    Once our auntie gave us a giant schnauzer Christmas ornament, thinkin’ it was a scottie. We never told her.

    • Daisy, see my reply to SWTS. If all dogs behaved as you and I do – there would be no problem. If they’d let us in-they’d have to let in Kenzie and Bella-instant mayhem. What would come next? Roxy and Kismet also?

  3. No Scotties. (Yes, you heard that.) No Scotties. I can’t believe it. At least you’ve trained the peep to be on the lookout for us Scots. See, he missed you and felt guilty about it. So, he went looking. No wonder he didn’t find one.

    roo. stu.

  4. Hopefully this means you will get to go next year. At least he did feel bad about it later by looking for Scottie brethren! Our Dog Days of Summer with the SFGiants is usually in August. Mama says it’s always too hot for us schnauzies, but we’ll see if she gets it together in time to take us!
    Nubbin wags, Joules & Prescott

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  6. […] last time (subtle hint-IT IS DOG DAY), but no. He went without me. Like the last time on May 27th (here’s the link to that fiasco report), He diligently looked for Scotties, but with the same result. He kept asking and some said […]

  7. […] played the part of the investigative journalist in attempt number three to find a Scottie (Attempts one and two). The attendance was 38,222 humans and “RUFFly 350″ dogs. My apologies to […]

  8. A collapsible water dish! Oh man! I got a trip to the hotel with room service and got to sit with my daddy at Fenway! XO MaddiethePug

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