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(S)he’s baaaack

I’ve been here since December 2002 and They’ve been here since that April. We saw our first rattlesnake this year-and I posted about it on March 28th. Every morning, the irrigation system starts at 8:35. He noticed something that needed maintenance and at 9:30 he headed out to fix it. On His way there, He […]

Somebody actually reads my blog

Remember that Kenzie and I were upset about the carpet (see the June 14 post if you haven’t read it). It worked-it turned out that He reads my stuff and did something about it.I always thought  He read my stuff to keep up with what I’m doing.  He asked that some of the carpet be […]

Kenzie’s nightmare

Tuesday was grooming day. Everyone knew it and also knew not to tell Kenzie. However, Kenzie should have known, he had to take a half of a tranquilizer pill. If he takes a full one, he can’t even stand up. We loaded into the car and nobody let on where we were going   We […]

It’s finished plus a surprise

The bedroom floor is finished and They’ve started moving stuff back in. All this was done without my snoopervision. I was in charge of making certain everything was drying OK in the living room which was finished earlier in the week. And NO, I was NOT asleep. I was in my “vulture” position. When it […]

Kenzie and I are upset

They’re taking away all our puppyhood memories. The smells and feels are gone. The carpet that we grew up on (and threw up on plus worse) is being replaced with tile that simulates hardwood. First the carpet was torn up and thrown away (with all those wonderful smells). They won’t even tell me where the […]

Here’s the poop about pictures

Maybe that was a bad choice of words for a title. But here’s the skinny (I like that better). On the test from yesterday, there were differences in the pictures. I’m not barking about the ones that were smaller in size but the full size ones. If you look and number one and number seven, […]

This is a test

My friend, Stuart, is running out of space on his blog because he’s been posting for a few years and has used all the space allotted to him for pictures. His blog (www.scottiechronicles) is highly recommended). I don’t want to do run out of space soon either. I don’t post a lot and certainly haven’t […]

I’m over it

It’s taken me a week to get over the fact that there were no Scotties to be found at “bark in the park”. I’m back to my normal self. This includes snoopervising all that goes on in MY back yard. I have several vantage points I’m particularly fond of this one-it is in the shade […]