Kenzie and I are upset

They’re taking away all our puppyhood memories. The smells and feels are gone. The carpet that we grew up on (and threw up on plus worse) is being replaced with tile that simulates hardwood. First the carpet was torn up and thrown away (with all those wonderful smells). They won’t even tell me where the dump is so I can visit it.

Now They’re really destroying the place with hard tile. No more nice soft carpet under the bed.

In the summer, I liked to put my body on the cool stone and head on the soft carpet. That can’t be done now. It is going to take a total of four days and we can’t even go in to snoopervise. I’m mad, I tell you and I’ll never forgive them for stealing my puppyhood memories. What’s that? A green bean for moi????

All is forgiven.

About Kismet

I'm a 16 year old Indian Ringneck parrot curmudgeon in New River, Arizona in the wild west country. If you're a sunflower seed, you're dinner.

13 comments on “Kenzie and I are upset

  1. Ah Memories, don’t what none from my first year in a cage, thanks for reminding me. Th tile may be a good thing, now it will cool everywhere.


    Pees; the snoozing event, really, you snooze, you loose!

  2. I love tiles! Nice and cool on my belly!!

    • Hi Dougall. We already have stone for the cool, I liked the carpet for the soft for my head. I think I’ve convinced Him to get me an area rug for that.

  3. We fogot, you make sure Kensie enters our running events, we will wear him out for you

  4. Kyla
    the first time you go sliding by & can’t stop, and then Kenzie slides by on his side they will get you a rug. I know. She wanted to name me Skid Scott….not that Noodledog is any better, but if I hadn’t hit my head so many times…


    • Noodledog’s so right about the sliding thing….. YIKES! Sometimes my toenails just start flying out from under me. I see lots of rugs in your future. Time for a bean. Or two. Or three. Maybe four. OH…and I wonder why you’re “anonymous” over at my place. WordPress acting funny. Again.

      ArOOOOO to the floors! Stuart

    • It’s like He said when He was walking both of us in a parking lot and a lady asked Him if we were “calm dogs”. He said “Yes, when they’re not literally bouncing off the walls”.

    • We were wondering how you got your name. When I see noodledog, I see a big plate of pasta and a dog (me, of course) preparing to chow down on it. Kenzie has no thoughts on the matter-he’s lost with any word that is polysyllabic.

  5. Just think now you can create new memories. Leave a puddle for them in retaliation and let them go sliding on the tile faux wood floor! When they land on their keasters they will know how you feel not having a soft place for your head.
    Sweet William The Scot

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