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You will NOT believe it

Those of you who know me know that I’m generous to a fault. I decided that those of us who have been taking care of Kenzie needed a lift so I went shopping. This is what I got Him: And since I did the most work, I get (TA-DA): Yes, I found BLACK and WHITE […]

The Olympics

I’ve been asked what team I’m rooting for in the current Olympics. Nobody’s seen them since 1992, but I’m for the Unified Team because they have it together. Ooooh, that’s bad and I’ll quit while I’m behind. It is early Saturday morning and I’m still a bit sleepy and haven’t had breakfast yet. I need […]

Happy Birthday to Me

This could be my 10th birthday and we’ll celebrate it because there’s no alternative. It was so far back I can’t remember and I was so young, but I believe I was a product of a Mexican puppy mill in Guadalajara. The vaccination papers that came with me (en español) said my birthday was July 26, […]

The End of the World has been Postponed

Take a look at my May 10th post. The other day She took a shower. No, that’s not news so stop snickering-I heard that comment “that’s it until 2013” (probably from Stuart). Actually, She does it a lot and I wish She’d do MY share-I’m the one who hates to bathe. After She finished, He […]

Nothing new

Kenzie has always slept more than I have. During the past few weeks, that’s still true so there’s no reason to be concerned. He’s about as active as ever but he’s still not eating very much. It hasn’t changed except that I watch over him when he sleeps.

Bark in the Park redux

For reference, please see my May 28th post. The Diamondbacks are having another Bark-in-the-Park on Sunday August 26th. I was so excited because I’d get to go. Then He told me that He was assigned that game and had to work and I couldn’t go. I was upset. He told me that He’d get me […]

Better late than never

There’s a Palo Verde tree in the front yard. It has green bark and is covered with yellow flowers in May. This single flower just appeared   He named it censored after one of His friends who is perpetually late (well, July is a couple of months late when you’re due in May). If one is […]


Since the vet declared me overweight, They’ve restricted my rations. I’ve been forced to think about alternative means of obtaining sustenance. Did you see what I saw? I’m on the case Kenzie update The little buddy seems to be feeling better and he ate all his breakfast this morning. This gives me a double whammy-my […]

What do you get when you cross a Yorkie with a Yorkshire Terrier?

The answer is a pack of Yorkies. These are Thumbelina, Winston, Dickens, Reni and Luka.  This pack is important to both Kenzie and me. When They rescued me in 2002, the first place They stopped on the way home was the house of the female Yorkie peep. I got bathed and fed (but I still […]

We have relatives.

They’ve been following this blog since it started, but yesterday they commented. It took Kenzie’s condition to get them to bark at us. Since their peeps are related to our peeps, that makes us related, right? Here they are: Bandit is the one with both flaps down and Digger has one flap down and one […]