The vet just called

The vet just got off the phone. All the test did was to confirm that there’s something wrong with Kenzie’s liver function It doesn’t say what. Say what???? That’s $140 test that doesn’t narrow it down? It could be the “C” word of the liver, an infection, cirrhosis or an abcess. We have to go for pills for Kenzie and getting him to ingest them is problematic. He’ll only eat fried egg whites right now. The good news is that his activity level has picked up. These pills are antibiotics and herbals. At least these can be picked up at the vet. We’re hoping that the antibiotics take care of it and it was only an infection.

He went to get MY pills this week. He waited for 15 minutes on line to pick up the pills. Since this was a “new” prescription (the renewals on the old one ran out and the vet had to write a new one for the same thing), He was told He’d have to be “counselled” about using them. He had to wait again and when it was his turn all He said was “It’s the same thing she’s been using for the last five years and I don’t need any further instructions”. The pharmacist was flabbergasted that He didn’t have any questions for her. And, yes, she knew it was for me and not Him, it said so on the bottle and all the paperwork. Ah, regulations and bureaucracy.

Where’s Bo-Care when you need it?

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I'm a 16 year old Indian Ringneck parrot curmudgeon in New River, Arizona in the wild west country. If you're a sunflower seed, you're dinner.

19 comments on “The vet just called

  1. oh heavens! the wonderful pharmacists at mayo clinic dispensed some meds to my mum once. the “counselling” consisted of an intern looking at the label on the bottle and saying “ok – it looks like you take these by mouth…probably with water”. whatever would we do without this oh-so-helpful assistance!

    we are keeping out paws crossed that kenzie just has an infection and will be back to himself right quick!

    edgar & his mum

  2. Hi, I just found you from Stuart’s blog. I’m a peep who loves scotties and has two rescue pooches, but who cares. Your poor little Kenzie. I don’t like to hear about sick doggies. It’s very sad because you guys have a hard time telling us peeps what’s going on. Sometimes I wonder if these vets are just out for a buck and I am sorry you had to wait so long for medicine and a test that doesn’t give info and costs too damn much. I sure hope your Kenzie feels better. My mother (a scottie lover who had 2) swears by cream cheese when giving pills. She says stuff it in the cream cheese and you all won’t even know it’s there. But… who knows if it will upset his IBS? I wrap pills in cold cut packets for my babies. Our paws are crossed for you boy.
    Alyssa, Mr. Fox & Scruffy

    • Whoops-the above was meant for Edgar.

      Welcome Alyssa, She took the phone call and He and I didn’t listen in so I just learned that whatever liver function they were measuring showed 32 when Kenzie fasted (30 is normal). After getting a lot of protein, it was over 120. We just tried to get Kenzie to eat some cream cheese-it didn’t work. We’re off to get pills (when they’re ready) and other errands beforehand.

  3. Still got our paws crossed, give him an injection of that spray cheese in a can, thats what bites gets with his pills, and he is one happy guy with it.


    • Sounds good to me except he’s supposed to be on a low protein diet and we got recipes. The vet gave us a syringe (no needle) and we’re supposed to mix stuff with water and shoot it way in back of his mouth between the cheek and gum and he’s forced to swallow it. We’ll see.

  4. OK. Let’s review. Something’s wrong with Surfer Man’s liver. They don’t know what. He hasn’t been eating. (Doesn’t feel like it.) Won’t eat his pills. I’m thinking it’s an infection. Yeah, that’s it. That’d make even moi feel like not eating. (Not even my green beans.)

    So, once we figure out how to get Surfer Man Dude to “eat” his pills, all will be OKEYDOKEY. Right? Yeah. THEN, change his diet. Sound good?

    Shall I send over some green beans? You can stuff some pills in a couple of those.

    roo. stu

  5. Well we hope the new meds do the trick. Egg whites! Well maybe Kenzie has a thing about white. He is white maybe he thinks he should just eat white.
    Sweet William The Scot

    • Thanks Stuart. See above in my reply to Susie. Kenzie was never big on green beans-which left the whole bag POUR MOI! We’ll see how the syringe works. SWTS, you may be right, that’s why he’s white.

  6. Oh My, not another poorly doggie. Paws crossed (& peeps fingers crossed too). Please find something nice for him to eat to be able to take his meds. Here’s hoping its just an infection.

    RooOOoodles & hugs from Bob & Fin xx

  7. My Uncle Fergus has to take medicine every day for his cushings disease, when it was a tablet the humans used to put it inside raw chicken, his FAVOURITE and he would swallow it without noticing the tablet was there.
    Now it is liquid form and they made it beef flavoured! Fergus loves it!

    It is a shame Kenzie’s medicine isn’t tasty, all medicine should be tasty!

    Hope you find out what is going on soon, waiting and not knowing must be so difficult. Our thoughts are still with you.

    Best wishes, waggles and licks,

    • Hi Dougall. Kenzie is supposed to avoid protein for the time being and red meat is a big no-no. We’ll report on the syringe.

      • I forgot to mention that I have Addision’s disease which is the exact opposite of Cushing’s. In Cushing’s the adrenal glands secrete too much and in Addision’s, too little or none at all. I have to get a shot every 25 days.

  8. News flash from the kitchen, Kenzie didn’t eat again. He’s lost over 10% of his body weight in the past few weeks and he was a skinny one to start with. Gotta go and snoopervise the syringe thingie.

    • Kyla,
      We had to use a syringe to Mr. Fox his medicine when he had his eye removed. Not for food but for medicine. Maybe you can grind that pill up in some apple sauce and shoot it in the side of his mouth, toward the back so it goes down. Maybe? Gees, I just met you guys and I feel for you, a lot.
      Alyssa, Mr. Fox and Scruffy

    • That’s sooooo not good. We’re still crossing them all and hoping that the little man pulls through.

  9. Kenzie, hope you start eating soon, Buddy.. Or what is happening to me will happen to you.Seems I am being “Jailed” by the Dogtor and this minions,Yesterday until at least Monday afternoon. I also had not been eating well then stopped about a week ago, I have been vomiting white foam off and on.The have me hooked up to a tube with lots of fluids and medicine because my liver enzymes are a bit high and my electrolytes messed up.They did let me see my Peeps for a bit Today. The Peeps and My Dogtor think I look a bit better, but do not wish to set me back, by freeing me too soon.I need to stop being subborn and or afraid to eat for fear of getting sick. They poked and prodded but really can’t find much wrong with me except my enlarged prostate and that is why I got neutered a year ago. They took lots more pictures with an xray machine, did not see any masses.Last time they saw a blob and had to have my spleen out in April.Hopefully this medicine will work, because the Nurses said I am crabby and usually I have been nice to them.. Maybe The crabbiness is my Scottieness coming back and the Dogtor said it is a good sign.
    Please heed my warning, take the pills and eat!

  10. I’ll show it to Kenzie when he wakes up. Good luck-keep up the Scottietude.

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