The latest about Kenzie

Last night, Kenzie was very active and playful. This afternoon, he’s lethargic. We’re putting his meds and vitamins in a syringe and squirting way back in the mouth. He drinks water OK, but eats only about four tablespoons of food a day. Back to the vet Monday. A friend (involved in Yorkie rescue) suggested we talk to her friend who is a non-vet expert in liver problems specializing in liver-shunts. She suggested lactulose to draw the toxins out of the liver and is good for most liver problems. It requires a prescription and the vet may not give it. Weird, because it is sold over the counter all over the world except for Austria and the US because they think it might be bad for diabetics (but it isn’t-see the Wikipedia entry for lactulose).  What are they thinking? Are they thinking? It doesn’t appear that it would harm Kenzie and the worst thing is that it would be a waste of four bucks at Walmart or Target. Considering what the tests cost, why not try it? It would make ME feel a lot better to know we’re doing everything we can.


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I'm a 16 year old Indian Ringneck parrot curmudgeon in New River, Arizona in the wild west country. If you're a sunflower seed, you're dinner.

28 comments on “The latest about Kenzie

  1. We have encountered that same situation. Something that is sold in other countries freely, but here it is behind the counter or need a prescription. I would see if a holistic healer could get it for Kenzie or put the word to a dog blogger in Canada. Maybe you could get some help in getting what Kenzie needs.
    Sweet William The Scot

  2. Welcome to the GREAT world of America pol-o-lun-a-tics, doesn’t put any money in their pockets. We got our paws and peeps got their fingers and toes crossed for kenzie.

  3. Poor Kenzie… Wish I could make him betterer…

  4. perhaps we should round up some blogville terriers and make a trip down south – across the border, if you know what i mean…

    paw still crossed for kenzie!

    edgar & his mum

    • edgar, that sounds like a job for Border Terriers! I wouldn’t want anyone to get in trouble.

      • If it is a non prescription drug in Canada or Mexico why would it be illegal for them to send it? It is not a controlled substance there. FDA Food & Drug Animal & Veterinary Compliance Rules.
        Sweet William The Scot

  5. Oh that poor dog. I feel for you all. Keeping everything crossed.
    Alyssa, Mr. Fox and Scruffy

  6. There’s nothing like having a terrier on the case, so lets hope you get those meds for your sweet Kenzie. We’ll check back tomorrow for an update. Paws still crossed.

  7. Kenzie hope you feel better soon!
    I am stiil in lock down at the Dogtor’s , My peep’s must be going crazy without my snoopervision.
    Take your Meds and please try to eat, You and I were both put on a prayer Chain By My Great Auntie Pat, she is a dog loving Nun.


    • Good Gravy-still in solitary?

      • Getting a ACTH test they think I may have Addisons..
        But I get to go home late this afternoon.

        • Angus, I definitely have Addision’s disease and have been living with it for five years. It appears you don’t have a blog or publicize an email address. I’m here to share my experience-email me at kyle.a.scott at gmail.com. Addision’s can be fatal if not treated correctly. I’m here to help!

        • I wasn’t in “lock down” very much. Addision’s is a glandular failure, not a reason to put you through hell-it isn’t contagious. The vet needs to take precautions because if the vet treats you for Addisons and you don’t have it, you’re in a Cushing’s disease problem. I tried the twice a day pills but they didn’t work for me. I need the expensive shots-once every 25 days and the price keeps rising. I’m here to help.

          • My Sis, just got a call; I have Cushing’s Disease.. It just took them awhile to figure it out.. I’ll start pills Tonight.. Then I Have to Go Back Thursday to get my electrolytes checked. Then another ACTH test in 2 weeks.. My peeps are so glad Dogtor G figured it out! I have been sick for awhile..They thought it was Cancer but My Human Sis is a human pathologist she even looked at all the biopsies and had her team look at them too.. Lots of dancing and walks to come again soon!
            Thanks.. My sis Email is mfalkens@neo.rr.com

  8. Hope our friend is feeling better. Try animal crackers to get some calories in. They’re mostly carbs and won’t hurt the liver. Our mom has had experience with a holistic vet who was recommended by our regular vet with one of her prior Scottiesand it was a good experience.

    • Welcome. Our vet tries to be holistic but the hefty bills are standard! I’ll bring up animal crackers. I won’t even think about the cannibalism.

    • Great idea. Just between the two of us if Kenzie doesn’t want them, I do. But I hope he wants them.

      • Animal crackers are a great idea. (Cally and Bridget are my neices – wait a minute, not both of them.) Either way, the crackers are grrreat. And, hey, I’m all about the smuggling idea. Get those supplements anywhere you can. Could there be a bio-identical one that’s the same thing only different???? And legal??? I’m going to the dogtor today, I’ll ask. No, wait. You’ve already asked your dogtor.

        I’m pawing at straws here….

  9. Poor Kenzie! Our paws are.crossed and thoughts are of him.

  10. […] there no end to the bad news? What with the loss of our own beloved Gus, but Kenzie, Kyla’s best buddy seems to be quite ill as well, we now get told that Finlay has got […]

    • I was just dignosed with Cushings Today, as well..I have been quite down not eating not wanting to walk for some time. ( My depression was contibuted to my Human Pa dying and Having to go live with My Human Sister but that was December of 2010,I am used to them and was generally happy.)Then I had ananeurysm on my spleen in April had to have it taken out and I have not quite recovered.Ten days ago I quit eating( They told My Sis I was stubborn to wait it out). Then I started Vomiting, I was kept at the Dogtor’s for 4 nights because I was vomiting and had inblanced elctrolytes. Had an ACTH test yesterday. Then I was started on 10 mg of Vetoryl twice a day.. Let Hope this works..
      Angus from Ohio- a Scottish Terrier born 10-31-2002
      Hope Finlay gets better soon

  11. BTW- How rude of me not to ask how is Kenzie feeling? Better I hope!

  12. We all hope Kenzie is doing better, paws crossed here for all of you

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