The End of the World has been Postponed

Take a look at my May 10th post.

The other day She took a shower. No, that’s not news so stop snickering-I heard that comment “that’s it until 2013” (probably from Stuart). Actually, She does it a lot and I wish She’d do MY share-I’m the one who hates to bathe. After She finished, He got in and started. He looked down and saw something suspicious. He put a towel around Himself, picked it up and walked it out the door.

It was a baby coachwhip snake, very harmless and away it went

If She had seen it first when She was showering, the entire western part of North America would have shaken so hard from her reaction that the dormant volcanoes would have come to life and there would have been earthquakes all along the Pacific “ring of fire” resulting in tsunamis that would have wiped Asia and Africa off the map. It’s actually incredible that She didn’t spot it-She’s eagle eyed if I try to snitch an unapproved snack.

Kenzie update    The two things Kenzie really loves to eat right now are Animal Crackers and scrambled eggs. We can’t have him on an Animal Cracker binge diet. He’s getting the idea that he won’t get one until he takes a pill. He’s so crafty that he pretends to ingest the pill but secretly uses his tongue to remove it and he puts it in his fur, usually around the mouth. He then gets the cracker because he’s very good at hiding the pill removal. I think Kenzie’s planning on ultimately feeding the pills to me because I’ll eat anything. It is getting more difficult to get some real food down him and he’s eating a little less. He does like scrambled eggs but they contain a lot of protein and he can’t get too much.

Update to the Kenzie update – Kenzie got some roasted chicken breast mixed with his medical formula dog food and he ate a bit. It wasn’t a whole lot but it was a lot compared to recent history.This is encouraging.

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I'm a 16 year old Indian Ringneck parrot curmudgeon in New River, Arizona in the wild west country. If you're a sunflower seed, you're dinner.

20 comments on “The End of the World has been Postponed

  1. were with mom, SNAKES, SOMEBODY SAY SNAKES! That Kenzie is one sneakie guy, just like our Shadow, you gotta open her mouth and check and look around the floor cause she shakes her head and there is goes, pick it up and keep trying.

  2. Kenzie sounds like he has been taught by, Angus, I am not taking any pills..He does the same thing so we have to open capsules or crush regular pills mix them with yogurt or Sherbert and use a syringe to push them down his throat. This way the peeps do not have to keep him confined to one room and search it after pills are taken..

    We used to get away with hiding the pills in Scrambled eggs or Cottage cheese but he is way smarter than people.

    Keep eating Kenzie!

  3. Lee spent summers working on her grandmothers farm and the two herding dogs expensive purebreds got eggs everyday. They lived long lives. Timmy made it till 19 years 10 months. Lee has always feed eyes to her dogs. Thank God our vet believes in eggs and not worrying about the protein. Now when I need a pill Lee sticks it in the center of a piece of stinky cheese. But I am good and would take the pill anyway.
    Lee would have just died if she had found that snake then what would I have done?
    Sweet William The Scot

  4. Oh wow, a snake! Were you tempted to play with it?

    Maybe Kenzie could eat chicken every day?

    • I never got to see the snake. I hide when He gets in the shower because sometimes I get pulled in and you know how I hate water and especially doggie shampoo water.

  5. OMD! Snakes scare the heck out of me! I would’ve screamed just as loud as She would. It’s good that Kenzie is eating something. What are the humans to do if he won’t eat anything else? This human would be at a total loss. I think Kenzie must be a very smart dog to hide those pills in his beard. That made me smile but I hope he takes them and gets all better.
    Alyssa, Mr. Fox & Scruffy

    • The problem with Kenzie is that he’ll eat some food for a couple of days then refuse to eat it anymore and everyone has to try something that he will like. And I thought I was a princess.

  6. Snakes in the shower??!!!!! Harmless or not…….(shiver)

    Go Kenzie…eat that chicken. You have to get well.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  7. It wouldn’t have been harmless anymore if She saw it. KABOOM-snake in a million pieces. Maybe Kenzie would have liked to eat it? It might have tasted like chicken.

  8. What a great job snoopervising Kenzie! Maybe he’ll eat more if you stand there breathing down his neck?
    Your fellow beards,
    Joules& Prescott

  9. And, thank dog She didn’t see that snake or our house will have fallen off into the ocean like the Great Highway!

  10. Try some oatmeal for Kenzie. Its easy to mix other stuff in with it.
    We have lizards, but no snakes. I bet Kenzie would have liked a little snake snack.


  11. Kenzie doesn’t like oatmeal at all. He’s tough to cook for. We have lizards also but they won’t sit still for a picture – quick little buggers.

  12. I don’t think my mummy would like a snake in her shower either, but I’d like to play with mr snake 🙂

  13. I go away for just a little while and come back to SNAKES IN YOUR SHOWER??? And your gaining a POUND?? (Way to go! My weight’s up, too!!) AND A RABBIT (with big ears) ON YOUR PORCH????

    The best thing, is Kenzie’s hanging in there.

    All is good.

    ArooOOOOO! Stuart

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