Happy Birthday to Me

This could be my 10th birthday and we’ll celebrate it because there’s no alternative. It was so far back I can’t remember and I was so young, but I believe I was a product of a Mexican puppy mill in Guadalajara. The vaccination papers that came with me (en español) said my birthday was July 26, 2002. After They got me, I went to the vet in a couple of days. Maybe the vet had a vested interest, but said he wouldn’t trust those papers-the papers may not have been mine. He gave me the shots all over again. He thought the July 26 date was reasonable. So we made it official. Today it is!

I didn’t want any of my first pictures shown. I was groomed by a butcher-no beard, no brows and no skirt.  He said that there must be one and I chose the one I use as my icon on the net. I was about six months old and you can see the bad furcut.

He asked what I wanted for my birthday and I told Him to take what He would have spent and donate it to the local no kill shelter. I’ll have no presents to show you but I’m very happy.

The best present I could have is for Kenzie to start eating right.

Kenzie update No change since the last update and considering he’s improving, that’s reasonably good news. He’s on a plateau, but a higher one.

We just had a knock on the door. They opened it and SURPRISE! It’s Joules and Prescott!

They jetted in from the Bay Area and we’re gonna pawty tonight!

About Kismet

I'm a 16 year old Indian Ringneck parrot curmudgeon in New River, Arizona in the wild west country. If you're a sunflower seed, you're dinner.

29 comments on “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. You are celebrating in the best way ~ the gift of giving ~ PAYING IT FORWARD!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYLA. I am glad I know you!
    Sweet William The Scot

  2. Kyla “HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE”, wish we could be there to party down with you, cause all of us SCOTS here know how to have a party, lets go have some peppers & tacos!!! You keep that Kenzie in line and make him EAT, EAT, EAT.

    Susie & Sidebites
    Pees; Bites really likes that icon pic, you look so serious, now you look so uptown in your colors (kinda like Bites looks now)

  3. Happy Birthday Kyla!!! It was my 4th Birthday on Tuesday but I have been laid up with a bad hop so they are waiting to celebrate when I am better and can play wih my presents. That is I hope they still got me presents. Digger!!

  4. Happy birthdaaaaaay! Enjoy! 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday Kyla, I’ll be 10 this year as well but not until 10-31, I think that is why I got the reputation of ” Devil dog”.

    I am sending lots of “paw power” to Kenzie for a better appetite. (Mine has improved slightly). I like him will just eat certain things for a few days then stop, It drives my Peeps crazy as well,She especially. The Peeps and the Dogtor say they have never seen a dog as unmotivated by food as I am.( Looks Like Kenzie is as well).The Dogtor says a dog will not starve itself to death, but I may just prove him wrong. I have to go back again to get a blood test tomorrow, the Dogtor and staff must like my terrier terrorist ways.

    Happy Birthday again enjoy the “Double Digit” years!

  6. Being a “mooch pooch” myself, I don’t understand the indifference to food. Forget Animal Planet, I watch FoodTV.

    On the 10-31, His father was born on that date (a few years before you). Then He was born in 10-28. Looking at how They turned out, I wonder what happens to you when the full moon hits. For Them, it doesn’t matter if there’s a full moon or not, They’re nuts.

  7. Happy Barkday, Kyla!! Your present as a present to all other doggies in need out there is just so generous. Were you always this generous, or does this come with age, as in, as you get younger? We are going to post a Barkday pic to you on our blog in a few minutes. We would submit it to you if we could, but don’t see the option?
    Your fellow beards,
    Joules & Prescott

  8. Happy Birthday beautiful lady! I hope you have a wonderful day and than Kenzie pulls threw to grant you your wish.

    Woofs and licks,
    Dougall (and Floyd)

  9. Happy Birthday Kyla Girl!!! You are wonderful to donate to the dog jail, I mean shelter. Scruffy really appreciates it cause that’s where she came from. I’m glad Kenzie is not going backwards and I have to tell you, until we got Scruffy, Mr. Fox ate like Kenzie. He’d like some dog foods for a few days then not eat. Then I’d cook for him and again he’d eat it for a few days. Ironically, he will eat a dirty tissue off the floor. So who knows??? Now, about these dates…. Here are a few coincidences – Husband and my tenth wedding anniversary is tomorrow. So close to your birthday! Also my sister’s, brother in law’s and dear friend’s birthday is Oct. 28th. Now I know a fourth on that day!
    Ok, enough going on and on…. Oh, one more thing – BOTH of your pictures are cute but your second one shows the life and spunk in your eyes.
    Alyssa, Mr. Fox & Scruffy

  10. happy Birthday, Kyla. What a wonderful present for all those homeless pups. And J & P to party with. Sounds like a great day.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    Come on, Kenzie….keep improving.

  11. I dedicated a Tweet to your Birthday… But I only just started my Twitter account… So nodoggy would have seen it… But, here it is, just for you ❤


  12. Happy birthday Kyla! Have fun celebrating!

  13. Dearest Kyla, so sorry we missed your birthday, but “better late than never” : so Happy Birthday Kyla. Looks like you had a fine ole time. We hope Kenzie was able to join in. We like you’re idea of counting backwards for birthdays – think we’ll do that next year too! Hope alls well over there. RooOOodles from Fin & Bob xx

  14. WHERE WAS I YESTERDAY??? OH…that’s right…I was busy celebrating your BARKDAY with lots and lots of green beans. Between naps getting over my vacay.


    ArOOOOoooOOOOooooOOOOO Roo. Roo. roo. ro. r. Stuart

    • I’ll share a bag of frozen green beans with you anytime. Besides, we’re not 100% certain that yesterday was my birthday-the paper that said so is suspect. I could have been today! Since nobody really knows, we used yesterday.

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