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A long National Dog Day-Bark in the Park plus more

Since today is National Dog Day in the US and where He works had “Bark in the Park” where you could bring your dog to a ballgame, I assumed I was going since I missed last time (subtle hint-IT IS DOG DAY), but no. He went without me. Like the last time on May 27th […]

Saturday Smile

We’re drying out The Scottiemobile did not get drowned. It has the removable “monsoon top”. In case you can’t read the yellow on the top of the rear window that I made Him put there:  

Downpour last night

We don’t get much rain in the desert, but sometimes it really comes. Last night was one of those times. Around here they have “100-year” and “500-year” floods indicating one that severe comes once in that time period. We had a 2-year flood. He drove home from work last night and mentioned there were a […]

More critters

So far, I’ve showed you our tarantulas and snakes. But wait, there’s more. You haven’t seen our lizards. These guys are tough to catch, even in a photograph. I swear, they’re quicker than bunnies. 6 foot (2 meter) high fences stop rabbits, but these guys just climb them and it is up and over in […]

I wonder about Kenzie

In my August 4th post (a few changes), I described how They took our old stepping stone to the bed and replaced it. The old one was broken and we need a boost up since we’re both 10ish. The old is now my viewpoint at the front window. Kenzie is agile enough to get up […]

My Olympic Medal


Help Stuart win

We’re now entering Silly Season the political campaign season-Arizona has a primary in a couple of weeks. The streets are littered with campaign signs and the infernal phone calls have started.  I know one candidate, but it isn’t for political office. Stuart ( is running for SpokesDog for Thundershirts and you can help elect him. I ask […]