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Scottish Formula 16

Since I’ve turned 10, my fur has started to turn color and it has me really worried. I obsessed with it but then I tried Scottish Formula 16 and it took those worries away. Yes, it is Kyla approved and it really works! Here’s a picture of me in my salad days when I was […]

Wordless (almost) Wednesday


Sick Vick report

As planned, He worked the Philadelphia Eagle-Arizona Cardinal football game yesterday. He wore the “Scotties Rule” shirt. He arrived early and went about the crowd. There’s the “great lawn” that is a party zone outside the stadium. Here’s a long view and a view closer in He went all around the lawn and there were […]

I need your opinion!

For those of you outside of the United States, you need to read this for background information about Michael┬áSick Vick and the horrors of his past. Those of us here, even those who aren’t sports fans, already know the story. No, this isn’t a sports post but you need to be up on the story. […]

Everybody has to get into the act

We went to the groomer’s Wednesday. It all went as expected-Kenzie complained all the way there. He just “knows” that it isn’t a normal car ride and we’re going to the G-word. Here are the results. Me first (what else?) Then Kenzie-he also had a little stuff taken from around his eye Since Kismet didn’t […]

How to make me happy

If happiness is a warm puppy, I’m a cold puppy when the bag of green beans is empty I’m on the case to find FOOD I found it. A full 5 pound bag of frozen green beans. Now I’m all warm and happy until Wednesday when we go to the groomer.

We’re trying a new thing with Kenzie

Kenzie has been on a plateau-a little up and a little down. We’ve noticed a pattern-he’s worse at the beginning of the month and better at the end. Putting my little Scottie mind to work, I thought there must be a reason why. Could it be that he gets paid on the first of the […]


There are a lot of awards floating around in Blogville and I received one from Misaki. I am big on Misaki but not big on these awards. To hono(u)r Misaki, I’ll partially comply with the terms of this award, but it is the last one I’ll do. I have my doubts, even the Nobel Prizes […]

Happy Labor Day

In the US, it’s a holiday on the first Monday in September to honor work and those who work. Thank you for honoring me-here I am, hard at work: