We’re trying a new thing with Kenzie

Kenzie has been on a plateau-a little up and a little down. We’ve noticed a pattern-he’s worse at the beginning of the month and better at the end. Putting my little Scottie mind to work, I thought there must be a reason why. Could it be that he gets paid on the first of the month and gets depressed paying bills? Nope, Kenzie has no finances. Then it might be the monthly heartworm med he’s given on the first of each month.  The stuff is literally poison and perhaps Kenzie doesn’t react to it well. Toxins are taken care of in the liver. We’re going to try an experiment-no heartworm med on the first of October. I’m the only other dog Kenzie who has contact with Kenzie and I’m still going to be on the med. Do you think you can get heartworms from rattlesnakes?

In other news, Lilly’s peeps are here for a visit. See here to refresh your memory. They’ll be here for a week and will return for the winter. They arrived on their motorcyles which they drove all the way from almost Canada. They forgot one thing-Lilly. Yes, Lilly couldn’t come with them. I don’t know why not, Lilly could have run along side the cycles and made it with ease and she doesn’t even have to stop for gas. Lilly’s peeps wanted to borrow Kenzie-they had canine separation anxiety.

I remember the first time my peeps left me. They went to dinner next door. I didn’t like that so I showed them:

Yup, I tore the doorstop right out of the wall.  That was almost 10 years ago and before Kenzie. I’m older and not so destructive. Now I don’t have separation anxiety-I pick on Kenzie. When Kenzie’s asleep, I curl up with a good book and digest it. Those doorstops are hard on the teefers.

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I'm a 16 year old Indian Ringneck parrot curmudgeon in New River, Arizona in the wild west country. If you're a sunflower seed, you're dinner.

24 comments on “We’re trying a new thing with Kenzie

  1. Lee had trouble with the heart worm pill with her last Scot, Half Pence. He had Cushings and taking Lysodren and the pill made him sick every month. Lee took him off of the heartworm and he was much better. Our vet advised against doing it saying he could just get heartworm out of the dirt. Well he never did and he did not die of Cushings either. It was bone cancer that took him.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  2. Our pack consensus is that when he’s not good, he’s not enjoying life as much as he should. If doing this makes his life better, why not?

  3. We think Kenzie looks soooo cute in that top picture. We really do hope that your little experiment works – our paws are crossed.

  4. We really hope the experiment works Kyla – there is nothing worse than having a sick family member & not being able to make it better.

    Hope you have a grrreat weekend
    Wally & Sammy

  5. Kenzie isn’t worse during a full moon….is he? There is no such thing as a Werewestie..is there, really.

    Lilly’s peeps should get a side car. She’d look great.

    And finally, we have some books that look like that. Was it a library book by any chance? They’re the best.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  6. Hope you’re on to something with that worm meds idea… My human knew the bill depression feeling… She just got her electricity and gas bill… Oh dear…

  7. I wish the best for Kenzie. Hope the experiment will be successfully!!! btw: this doorstopper-shredding deserves a place on damage-billboards :o)

  8. Wez hope it works for Kenzie..He’s just so adorable..you are too Kyla 🙂 You’ve got to give it a try..Paws crossed it works. I think Lilly should have a sidecar 🙂 Have a great day Kyla..youz and if Kenzie’s up to it, have to come to my Pawrty tomorrow ( sat ) xx00xx

  9. Sorry to hear about Kenzie. What kind of heartworm med do you pups take? I consider those things a necessary evil and have heard of some dogs having bad reactions to them. Best of luck.

  10. Hope Kenzie feels better after not taking the pill.
    There is a liquid thing similar to advantix , that you put on the skin that also keeps Mosquitos away so there is no need to take the heartworm pill. We were headed that way with Angus. Not a big fan of putting a poison on the skin but if it does not make the Furbaby feel poorly it may be worth it.

    Looks like we will hopefully getting a “Baby” Scottie Sometime late winter early spring.On a waiting list, we have been turned down by 4 rescue groups at this time due to unfenced yard, and both humans work. We have wonderful retired neighbors and teenage dog walkers as well as Oma and Opa who stop by everyday.(Sometimes if the weather was bad furbabies were taken to Oma and Opa’s for the day do they did not have to walk or drive in foul human/wonderful Scottie weather.) Thinking some of the rescue people are animal hoarders. The Dogtors was shocked as well
    they both said nobody called them.

    • Oh my golly. You NEED a Scottie. Did you ask the rescuers why your Dogtor wasn’t called???? Good grief. Lemme at ’em……

    • I agree with Stuart. Sometimes peeps don’t think too well. How can they be so picky when a lot of dogs are routinely … well, you know. Why not give them a chance? There’s a lot of abandoned canines because of the economy and that isn’t an animal’s fault. I hooked up with my peeps because He loves terriers and believes terriers should be with terrier peeps. If a terrier isn’t with terrier peeps, both the dog and peeps are unhappy. He looked for a Cairn, Westie or Scottie who really needed a home, gender and age were immaterial. I was the first one He met and the rest is history. Keep trying for some dog’s sake.

  11. My name is Stuart and I approve of your healthcare plan. Don’t take it if it’s making you sick and I believe, my dear Kyla, that, as usual, you’re on to something here.

    Secondly, my name is Stuart and I approve of your “quality of life” healthcare plan. Yes indeedy. What’s the use if you’re pooped, feeling puny and not enjoying a good chew or butt sniff? Huh? Really.

    Lastly, and most importantly, please take your healthcare plans to the big house. Make yourself known and fix the mess our peeps are in. (And have been, I remind all, for MORE than the last four years.)

    Yes, my friends, Kyla is the next President of the United Blog States.

    ArrOOOOOOO! Stu

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