Sick Vick report

As planned, He worked the Philadelphia Eagle-Arizona Cardinal football game yesterday. He wore the “Scotties Rule” shirt. He arrived early and went about the crowd. There’s the “great lawn” that is a party zone outside the stadium. Here’s a long view

and a view closer in

He went all around the lawn and there were no signs of any dog stuff and no comments on the shirt. He went inside and walked around the entire concourse on the main floor. Still nothing about dogs but He saw over 100 Vick shirts:

The game started and Vick was on the field

The game ended and He was feeling really depressed. The only consolation was Vick’s team lost big (as the favorite to win) and Vick was slammed into the soft grass like he slammed dogs onto cement. It seemed that nobody cared that there was an animal tormentor and murderer around. As he was leaving the building, a security guard friend who knew what He was doing said that she saw a sign that said “Vick-if the Cardinals don’t get you, my pit bull will”. There was a ray of hope!




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20 comments on “Sick Vick report

  1. Aww… At least he tried… Looks like many didn’t…

  2. We are sorry to hear that your dad was unable to track down the offender and that there were so few like minded people in attendance. HOWEVER, never despair because you and your dad taught us & many other furiends who follow your blog something and that is better than nothing!!

    Keep up the good work!
    Wally & Sammy

    • He never intended to track down the offender. He is authorized to go to the players’ locker room, but He didn’t because He wanted to keep His job and not lose it for blowing His top at a player.

  3. I’m sad how much people are fans of such a guy…we should pee on him

  4. Just a ray of hope! Well with the sign and your shirt two rays of hope.
    Sweet William The Scot

  5. What’s wrong with this picture???

    Too many people – yes, “people,” those two-legged creatures, some of whom take the time and effort to rescue, shelter and care for sick, neglected puppies (and, yeah, kitties, and other animals, too) – care way too less about cruelty and way more about their favorite pastimes, their favorite food, or what’s in it for them at the moment. And that includes Vick’s fans.

    They’re all sick and demented. (Vick’s fans – not all people.) One of my peeps ran into somebody a few years back who said Vick had paid his dues and, “after all, it wasn’t like he did anything THAT terrible.” Yep. You read right.

    Well, the peep was none too amused and quickly realized that this person, who She thought had a bigger brain let alone heart, was representative of thousands more who put animals way down on the totem pole of life.

    To your peep, Kyla, we can all be thankful. Keep it up!

    To the person with the “Vick-if the Cardinals don’t get you, my pit bull will” sign, We’re thankful to you, too, for having the guts and the brains to tell it like it is.

    This kind of stuff makes me sick. But, Kyla, your peep helps me feel better. We can’t help but know, deep down, that SOME of the people who saw his Scotties Rule T-Shirt know what’s really important. And it ain’t football.

    Oh me.

    roo. stu.

  6. Tell your Dad Peep, Great Job, he was a lot kinder the our Dad would have been, sick vick (Not worth The Capitals) is a piece of scum and always will be. Dad refuses to watch a Philly game, but he did keep track of the score and laughed the whole day, and we do have a few of their supports and dad has got right in their face and told them what he thinks of them for support such a useless person.

    OK, enough soap box, GO Cadinals!!!!!

    Your Furends
    Susie & Bites

  7. He had to watch every play-it did all our hearts good to see him lose and get whacked around.

  8. Love the sign..My Pit Ball will get you… And we are so happy they lost !! 🙂 Your right, not worth wasting ya Pee on.. xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  9. Unfortunately if you are a sports person…all is forgiven. Happens here, too. Good for your dad for having a go!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

    We’re glad the ‘scotties rule’ one.

    Oh, we’re more catlike, too. Only Roxy acts like ‘a dog’ when SHE comes home.

  10. It’s unfortunate. These sports figures have been told how great and talented they are since they were little. Some of them think they’re above the ordinary in all areas as a consequence of that and rules of behavio(u)r don’t apply to them..

  11. Sad that a team even wants to employ someone like him.

  12. […] timers to my blog will remember about Sick Vick. If you want to refresh your memory see this. I don’t expect everyone to be up on American football but this isn’t a football story. […]

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