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It will be a Happy Halloween if everybody checks in

Have a good Scary Day. Here’s Kismet dressed up like a Scot That’s a good costume job for a parrot. We’re worried about the peeps and pups in Frankenstorm land. After Sandy leaves and you’re OK, leave a message here. Just off the top of my head, there’s Stuart in Virginia, Sweet William the Scot […]

Who knew?

This morning, I was checking “the rounds” and I saw Susie and Sidebites’ post about TODAY is the third annual “Show us your treat jar” day. I did not know because I wasn’t blogging when the second annual happened.   I’m not big on awards, but I’m all in with events that feature food. Here’s […]

The Apprentice

Kaci is a pretty good eater. She’s also learning English like “treat” and “dinner”. Her begging shows good technique. She also wants the title of “Master Mooch Pooch” ┬áthat I have. I tried to show her: Notice that I’m all in (the bowl). I’ve finished the food and I’m applying the “Master Touch”, licking off […]

The world will end in 2012?

Enough of this bit about the world ending. I am concerned, however, about a few things. First there was the frog in the swimming pool in the middle of the desert. He/She (gender only matters to another frog) was removed and put in the bird bath. Well, (s)he’s OK and was in the pool again. […]

Who wants to be a Millionaire?

Do I ever have the investment tip of the century. It’s like the graduate-one word. Come closer so others don’t hear it. It’s guaranteed to make you a fortune. I’m going to whisper it to you. “…”. You didn’t hear it? I told you to come closer. It’s “paper”. We’re using a lot of it. […]

What’s new?

She has made the grand decision. She didn’t ask me, didn’t ask Him and certainly didn’t consult the new dog herself. The name is sort of a combination of a lot of suggestions. The name is (drum roll………………….) Kaci. It’s spelled like that but pronounced like “Casey”. I might find myself abbreviating it as “KC”. […]

This is NOT good.

Kenzie was on a special diet, and ALL plates were ALL mine. The new dog is a mooch pooch, just like me. I just found out I have to share. Share food, moi? See this? He just finished His eggs and here’s what we have-prime Kyla snacking material. In the past He would shut the […]