A final tribute to “the Kenzer”

It’s been a little time-I’m still grieving. They are basket cases-especially Her. I told Her not to look at this post for a while. They need to “terrier up” but it is hard because sometimes He catches me sobbing and wishing Kenzie were here. Don’t let your peeps tell you that dogs don’t feel a loss-They do and I am.

These were things I was saving for future posts about Kenzie and I thought you’d enjoy them and get a little insight into what we’re missing. Here he is when we brought him home permanently. It’s hard to beat a Westie pup for cuteness.

Kenzie loved the pool and swimming. When he was a little hot and the peeps hadn’t gone in yet, he just hopped down to the top step and shoved off, took a lap around with his white tail up and out of the water like a shark fin. When company came, even if he wasn’t hot the little show-off just did a lap, got out and shook off the water doggy-style, sometimes over the company as if to say “I’m Kenzie and you’re Wet”. Kenzie had his own one-ship navy and would spend time on his raft. He enjoyed playing splashing games and loved the water. By far, his favorite thing was going after the POOL monster. Our reality challenged peeps made up some fairy tale about the pool. You dogs should be able to see right through this unbelievable myth and see the real truth. Peep’s version: pool water runs uphill on to the roof of the house where it is heated by the sun and then goes back to the pool. This is impossible-every dog knows that water doesn’t flow uphill. Then, supposedly, magically this process stops and the water that was on the roof goes back down to the pool to be replaced by air to prevent freezing and damage. Freezing? This is Arizona and that’s totally fiction. Then, when somehow this process restarts the new water flowing uphill (you gotta be kidding me, you didn’t fool me the first time) pushes the air that you can’t see on the roof. This air then supposedly goes into the pool. Absolutely a fabrication-here’s the roof-do you see any water? You don’t even see any air! Whenever They would tell this fib we’d go “Sure, Yeah Right, Whatever” because we knew that They didn’t want us to know the truth. They didn’t think we could handle it. The truth. They didn’t want to alarm us about the Pool Monster that lives in the pool. We’re terriers-we not only can take it, we can help. Every day Kenzie and I used to chase the pool monster away. The monster never hurt anyone because we were on guard. Even the day before he passed, Kenzie loved chasing the Pool Monster away. If one of the peeps or I said “Kenzie, Pool” in any tone of voice, he dropped what he was doing and rushed to the side of the pool, ready to defend the house and everyone from the Pool Monster. This video was taken on Monday 10/1 and it is hard to believe that on Friday 10/5 he was gone. I was waiting to get better video but this will have to do. This was his absolute favorite thing to do: http://youtu.be/nqBk_ll6pR0

As I said, Kenzie would come from anywhere for this.


No Kenzie. Now I know it’s final. He’s not coming back. It’s time for closure.

I’ll be barking at you again within a week on happier subjects. Kenzie would want that.

About Kismet

I'm a 16 year old Indian Ringneck parrot curmudgeon in New River, Arizona in the wild west country. If you're a sunflower seed, you're dinner.

24 comments on “A final tribute to “the Kenzer”

  1. What a lovely tribute to Kenzie, he would want you to carry on, telling us your hillarious tales..Lovely photo’s, so cute. Give your peeps a hug and one for you Kyla, we know you will be missing him too.. xx00xx

  2. Beautiful tribute-wiping tears, but smiling at Kenzie’s antics in the pool. Prayers and good thoughts for you and your humans.

  3. So sorry for you loss. Kenzie seemed like a great furiend!

  4. Thanks for sharing this wonderful pictures with me….We smile about Kenzie – with tears in our eyes…

  5. A lovely tribute Kyla. Our hearts just ache for you & your peeps.

    Thinking of you all,
    Wallace & Samuel

  6. Really nice tribute, it was a bittersweet taste, but it makes you smile.

  7. OH, Kyla, we were gone and just found out about this. Our whole day will be in reflection of all the things about Kenzie that you have shared with us these 8 months we have been reading you wonderful blog. Remember, he is waiting at the bridge for all of us, and he is having fun and swimming again with his new found furiends there.

    Your very sad but good furiends
    Susie & Sidebite

  8. What a lovely tribute, whee are so sorry for your loss.

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  9. oh, what a lovely tribute, kenzie looks so happy to fulfill his duty of protecting the homefront from the pool monster.

    edgar & his mum

  10. OH MY DAWG!!! What a great little movie!! You’re so lucky to have this! And I’m so lucky to see you two in action.

    Ah me. What to say….We just don’t have any words. I wish I could tawdle on over to your place and give you a place to rest your head (I’ve got a pretty big belly and I’m told it makes a nice pillow). But, since it would take me years to get there, let me just wish you and yours peace in your wonderful memories. I doesn’t make it easier. Only time can do that, but We’re thinking of you all.

    roo. stu.

  11. Such a lovely tribute… Goodbye Kenzie….

  12. Kyla, it’s up to you now to keep that monster away!

    We know you miss the Kenzster and will for a long time. He was such a BIG character.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  13. What a beautiful tribute to a very special little man.

    Bobby & Finlay

  14. Yes dogs grieve. People grieve but so do the furry pals left behind.
    I love the one of Kenzie on the board, he was obviously great fun to have around and will be hugely missed.
    There is nothing we can do to have our beloved friends back but remembering the good times is honouring them and the place they had in our lives.
    You obviously have great memories of Kenzie and that says everything about him.

  15. A great video, thank you for sharing it It is nice to see that Kenzie was able to have a great day even though it was near the end. Blessings
    Sweet William The Scot

  16. Kyla we are sad too. Why did Kenzie have to go so quickly like that? I hope you and your peeps are managing ok. I would be an utter basket case too and we know doggies grieve too. Our Misty waited for Robbie every time she went out the door after he went over the rainbow bridge. Hang in there and we are sending you licks and rubs.
    Alyssa, Mr. Fox & Scruffy

  17. Kyla & Peeps
    We are so sorry for your loss. Dogs grieve for their furiends, and remember them forever, just like we do. It will get easier.


  18. What a beautiful tribute !! It made our peeps cry again. They are very sad. Our hearts go out to you Kyla and your peeps!! Love Bandit and Digger and our peeps Tamara and Cindy!!

  19. what a nice tribute to Kenzie. He looked right at home on the water. And yes, I do know that we feel stuffs to. Like when Addy moved, i laid by the door, wouldnt eat, wouldnt play or nothing. I was missing her so much. I know exactly how you feel Kyla. Our hearts go out to you and your peeps. Hope to see you back soon.

    Jazzi and Addi

  20. Thank you for sharing this. I smile when I watch them chasing the monster pool, then peeing, hehe. Even a total stranger like me miss Kenzie from seeing him in the video and photos, what more you. Just know that He will always be with you all and Rainbow Heaven must be full of treats and toys.

    Your new blog pal,

  21. We hope you are doing ok. Mom & Dad had a hard time about this also, so no posting or commenting, until now. Take your time, we will be happy when you return.

    Your pals
    Susie & Bites

  22. My heart breaks for you. I understand what you are going through and am incredibly impressed that you managed to do a post at all, let alone one as great as this. I wish there was something anyone could do at times like these but I know there is not. All I can do is let you know that we are thinking of you.

  23. Me and Nellie are very sorry to hear of the passing of your dear friend. Our doggy thoughts are with you. Love Nellie and Jasper

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