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Catching Up

I’m going to catch you up on what’s been happening. I don’t need to catch up with all of you, I’ve been watching and reading. I just haven’t commented because I was choked up and my comments wouldn’t have been up to my normal standards (and that’s pretty low, right?) and you wouldn’t have wanted […]

A final tribute to “the Kenzer”

It’s been a little time-I’m still grieving. They are basket cases-especially Her. I told Her not to look at this post for a while. They need to “terrier up” but it is hard because sometimes He catches me sobbing and wishing Kenzie were here. Don’t let your peeps tell you that dogs don’t feel a […]

Kenzie January 23, 2003-October 5, 2012

Kenzie was on the improve bit by bit. Last night he took a serious and irreversible turn for the worse. He went to the vet’s this morning and the vet still had hope. He improved until 2 in the afternoon and then took a worse turn. The vet said he wouldn’t recover and his life […]

Tacos-en el estilo de Kyla

¡No creo que es hoy-dia de los tacos! Fue nacida en Guadalajara Whoops-I got that “watchasayin, lassie?” look from Kenzie. Just like Ricky Ricardo  on “I love Lucy” which they’re probably re-running everywhere, when I get excited I start barking in my native Spanish. I’m really excited about Taco Day which is TODAY! I was […]

We’re moving

The peeps have decided to downsize and they’ve bought a smaller place. It is also in New River They put their present house on the market and bought a fixer-upper. It’s a former gas station and it even comes with T-shirts: I know it needs a little work. Here’s our new digs: Hey, October Fool. […]