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Our Christmas Card to you

A lot of Christmas cards and gifts are speeding around the world from and for bloggers. He thought that was wonderful and asked me if I wanted to do a gift exchange and to whom I wanted to send Christmas cards. It didn’t take me long to say “no” to both gifts and cards.  “Why […]

What a “holiday”?

To start off, when driving, He hits every red light. The traffic signal sees Him coming and immediately turns yellow then red when He’s there and He has to wait for the whole cycle. He told me that the reason He moved to the country was that there are none of those infernal traffic lights. […]

It’s MY day!

It’s the best day of the year. I can eat all I want (as long as nobody’s looking) and not get yelled at for doing it. I’ve got a lot of things to be thankful for, most rescues do. So I’m going to complain.  Yup, it’s time to let it all hang out. Two of […]

Kaci’s Words of Wisdom

Kaci here. Kyla is getting a b-word in the sink right now so she’s not here and They are doing it. They have friends coming over tomorrow for dinner. Kyla didn’t sign off the computer so I can do what I want. This will be my first Thanksgiving in my life. Last night They told […]

Fall training

Half of the Major League Baseball teams get ready for the season here in Arizona. Pitchers and Catchers report around February 15 and the practice games run the month of March. Kaci and I decided that we’ll hold Autumn training for Kylaball on our lawn Astroturf Stadium. We haven’t sold the naming rights yet and we’re […]

Temporarily Silent Sunday

She’s made herself at home

When she first arrived, Kaci was a fearful dog. I was fearful also before coming here, having had to move from here to there often with no permanent thing (even a bed or a toy) to call her own. The kill shelter must have been mortifying. After a month, she’s starting to feel at home […]

Fashion Show

First of all TOAD UPDATE: The name chosen was Kharma-it starts with a “K” and She likes that plus Kharma and Kismet go together. Doggy-good suggestion and were many of the others but a small toad only gets one name. It rained and we haven’t seen Kharma for a few days, maybe she left for dustier pastures. […]

It seems we’ve been rescued

For the third time, the frog returned. It is probably a Couch’s Spadefoot toad and a female at that because the markings are different for the genders. For the third time, we’ve taken her out of the pool with the nasty chemicals and put her into the bird bath where the drip system gives her […]