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Spa Day

I went to a new groomer this morning (it felt like the night, I had to be there at 8). You remember my woolly bully look? It’s not there any more. It’s the new ME. It was worth it-not for the look but for the treats after!    

What’s wrong with this picture?

There’s something wrong with this picture. At the same time it’s a good and bad thing. See if you notice: No, it’s not that there’s no lights on it-the solution is still elsewhere: The bad thing is that our Chrismas tree contains NO ornaments on the lower branches. The good thing is that the tree […]

Sorry about that-I was trying to add something and it went to a post-love, Kyla   Get a FREE visitor map for your site!

What do we say?

Things like this really don’t matter to dogs-only peeps. You see, a dog has its nose on the ground, not in the air. I’m going to ask you dogs a question later. I’m going to the groomer on Thursday and I’ll probably freeze to death after that-it’s only 65F at eleven in the morning. I’d […]