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I’ve made a decision

Not only was the training going poorly for the sled day bit I lost all the members of my “Team Arizona” in a training mishap (see yesterday’s post). I’m a terrier and not a quitter but the odds were against Team Arizona. The word has spread like my team members on the cactus and I’m […]

Training isn’t going so well

I got a few of my friends together and decided to form Team Arizona in We had to practice since none of us had even the experience of the Jamaican bobsled team. We realized quickly that there was a problem-no snow and none in sight. We all got our sleds and here’s mine: I think […]

I’m in hiding

I’ve made myself invisible. Remember, the dog always gets blamed for everything and He’s not in the best of moods. Remember a couple of weeks ago when we had our big freeze? Here’s the citrus now:   Kaci doesn’t know enough to lie low yet-I hope she gets blamed.  

Another Fabulous Food Find

Sometimes I just can’t leave the peeps unprotected. They came home from shopping and you won’t believe what they bought:   It’s “Larry the Cable Guy Spicy Chicken Batter”-just add water. Kaci and I were in hysterics for ten minutes and Kaci even got off a good one, “It rates three inner tubes on the […]

Pet Peeve

Hey I’m a pet and I’m peeved.   I visit a lot of other blogs. Sometimes those blogs refer to other blogs. When I go to a new-to-me blog, the first thing I look at is the “About” or “Profile” tab to see what that blog is about, where in the world it’s located and […]

The current fashion statement

The latest fashion trend is to wear the bootie on the front right, not the left rear. Don’t be caught dead with yesterday’s trend.  

Bad night last night

Around four in the morning, I heard a chirp. No, it wasn’t Kismet. About 20 seconds later, I heard it again. ┬áThis constant intermittent chirping freaked me out. I started shivering. Where’s that “rough, tough terrier” that I’m supposed to be? Well, as some of you know, I have Addison’s disease where I don’t get […]

I’m a trend setter

Old business first-congrats to Easy, who “got” yesterday’s post. Of course, Kaci piled on with a “me too” response. Sorry Kaci, it doesn’t count-Easy got there first. I’d send a bottle of Arizona wine (yes, it exists) to Easy except the red tape trying to send alcohol to France would be too much and the […]

A Fabulous Food Find!

I’m the (self-appointed) food expert here in Blogville. When I encounter a great deal in the food area, I let you know (after stocking up myself). This one is hard to beat. They (Him especially) are Thai food nuts and one of the staples of Thai cuisine is coconut milk. He found a real bargain […]

It happens every winter

When the weather turns cool (it gets a degree above freezing during the night), my cracked-paw thing comes up. The pads in my feet get cracks and I start limping. They put “Bag Balm” which is used for cow udders in my affected paw and put a stocking over it and wrap it in a […]