Any ideas?

I’ve been meaning to ask you – especially those of you in the Southern Hemisphere – about Christmas. It appears to me that in the North, when Christmas comes and it is cold, it is the darkest time of year. Peeps put up many lights and I think it helps them through a seasonal disorder. He does that-here’s the pool area by day

SAM_0237and at night

SAM_0238The roof by day and at night



I asked Him what Christmas is like in the Southern Hemisphere where it is hot and the lightest time of year (because He knows everything important, like where the treat jar is hidden and how to open the door to the freezer for green beans). He didn’t know-He spent a Christmas in Panama near the equator where every day starts at six and ends 12 hours later (give or take a few minutes) and there are only two seasons-rainy and dry. He said that it didn’t feel like Christmas to him because of the environment which was hot and humid. I guess it has to do with where you grew up. I’d like to know so ask your peeps. If They grew up in the North, have They adjusted to the South (or vice versa)? If They always lived in the South, what do They think of pictures of snow when They’re sweating bullets. Since He didn’t know, I’ll use the collective expertise of Blogville.



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22 comments on “Any ideas?

  1. Well Lee would not know she has lived in Cincinnati her whole life in the same community. If you got a ticket she says we can go and try it and tell you how we feels.
    Now I have typed this twice and I don’t know where it is going.
    Sweet William The Scot

  2. OK, good question, were out cause we don’t know, just wanted to leave a comment.

    Your Pals
    Susie & Bites

    Pees; Can you play the bag pipes? and do you have a emailie address?

  3. Yes, I can play the bagpipe. I can’t play it worth a damn, though.

  4. I grew up in NJ, in the northeast, and now live in Southern CA so it is very different at Christmas time for me. It doesn’t really feel like Christmas here in CA for me unless it is at least CA cold or gray out. It makes it harder to get in the spirit. I like all your decorations. I’m sure you helped out a lot Kyla. So much so you got a treat, right?
    Alyssa, Mr. Fox & Scruffy

    • He grew up across the river from NJ and then lived in the Bay Area. At least in the Bay Area, He went to Reno between Christmas and New Years got a week of it with the snow and decorations. Where you grew up and the traditions you had make a big difference. He does say that the absolute best Christmas was 2002-when he got ME!

  5. The Producer grew up in Europe and she tells me that her best Christmas experiences were in Switzerland and France with snow and frost πŸ˜€
    She still can’t get into the Christmas mood in the Southern Hemisphere with bright sun and air conditioning!

  6. Heehee, looks like you have a new friend! A very bright one at that! you should tell your mom that my mom is very envious of your lovely pool, me though……keep that water hole away from me!!!!!

  7. The pool isn’t for anyone right now. If we went a few degrees cooler, we’d have the only hockey game in town.

  8. Dougall’s peep here, I’ve always lived in Wagga Wagga (which is in southern inland New South Wales) and I have had most of my Christmases here.
    It is usually warm, but not the hottest part of the year.
    My family usually sticks to the cool, air conditioned indoors and we eat a traditional hot roast lunch of pork and ham with all the trimmings.
    But, other Australian families have a bbq and salads and enjoy swimming in pools or the ocean. I don’t think I would enjoy that (the food that is), it wouldn’t feel like Christmas to me… Swimming would be nice though. πŸ˜‰

    Snow would be cool though, I’ve never seen it before!

  9. The colder the better as far as I’m concerned!

  10. My mom grows up in a very cold area with tons of snow&ice (like siberia and the northpole together) – but she said for her opinion even the usual rain in brittany is better than the snow and she likes a “southern” christmas very much . her best christmas was the one which she spend on key west ;o)….oh and she wants you pool – can you send it as an mail-attachment ?;o)

  11. It’s not worth it right now. Even the solar heating is pretty ineffective.

  12. Hi Kyla & Kaci,

    Wally & Sammy’s mom here – having spent all but 3 Christmas’s here in South Africa, having Christmas in summer is kinda normal to us. Like the Australian’s many South Africans like to have a bbq (or braai, as we call it) on Christmas day but our family tradition has always been to have a hot & cold lunch – I’ll explain: cold lunch is usually prepared by my mom (W & S’s Oumie) and consists of cold gammon, cold roast lamb and cold roast beef with sides like potato salad. The hot lunch is prepared by my aunt (W & S’s Oumie’s sister – got that?) which usually consists of some roast pork, a rack of lamb and maybe a beef fillet (I think you call it tenderloin) with sides like roast potatoes, pumpkin, green beans prepared in a traditional SA manner, rice & gravy. Then everyone digs in, eating whatever and as much as they like!!

    We certainly do envy those of you in the North who have a cold and white Christmas and I have yet to meet someone from SA who can honestly say that they wouldn’t like to experience such a Christmas at least once. Living in the South also makes for some funny moments when singing carols (Jingle Bells…White Christmas etc) and of course finding cards that aren’t all covered in snowmen / snow / robins etc – which is why we especially LOVED Daisy, Bella & Roxy’s Christmas card this year.

    Sorry long answer but this is the last bit – lights. We don’t really do the outside decoration & lights thing here in SA. It has never really caught on possibly because of it being summer but more recently more because of our electricity issues – electricity has become very expensive and at times scares in SA. In terms of daylight, we have maybe 2 hours extra daylight during the summer months here in Johannesburg. The only city that really benefits from summer time in terms of daylight is Cape Town (it’s at the very tip of Africa) and there the sun only sets at like 8 o’clock at night during the summer.

    PHEW!! Hope I didn’t bore you!

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