Pet Peeve

Hey I’m a pet and I’m peeved.



I visit a lot of other blogs. Sometimes those blogs refer to other blogs. When I go to a new-to-me blog, the first thing I look at is the “About” or “Profile” tab to see what that blog is about, where in the world it’s located and what’s going on there. Many times, I’ve found nothing there or very incomplete info. Now maybe this is the curmudgeon speaking, but if there’s nothing to hang my tinfoil hat on, I move on. If you don’t care who you are, I don’t either. And that’s this pet curmudgeon’s pet peeve. I’m old and I can get away with saying this stuff when it’s true.

About Kismet

I'm a 16 year old Indian Ringneck parrot curmudgeon in New River, Arizona in the wild west country. If you're a sunflower seed, you're dinner.

46 comments on “Pet Peeve

  1. Very good Kyla, we agree!

    Sus & Bites

  2. Oh Kyla, I sure do hope my little paragraph on “home” page meets your approval. Sure would hate to never have you visit my site. Regardless, you’re way too wise and cute for me to not come to you so thanks for your honest comment. 🙂

    • Yes, I can see where you’re coming from. You’re preaching to the choir. I’m a rescue and probably a product of a Mexican puppy mill. Kaci spent time in Carson, CA in a pen with big dogs in a kill shelter (hey, she was going to get zapped anyway, why make her comfortable?). Our favorite charity is our local no-kill shelter-the problem is everywhere.

      • I knew I loved coming here to visit you and all this time I thought it was because of how cute you are. Well yes, that too. But, it’s your good heart, my fury friend. Glad to be able to come here and hang with you. 🙂

      • Actually, I just went back and added Bio: to the “Home” page. I really appreciate the posts here and certainly if Kyla is saying it’s annoying then I’m paying attention. No joke…who wants to hear there site is uninviting or worse annoying. I feel much better that I included a little bit of personal stuff about me and the animal rescue I’m doing. This post has generated more back and forth than any post I’ve been hanging with lately. That meant something! Thanks, kyla.

        • You’re the one to be thanked. I’m a rescue and Kaci is one also. Ranger pointed out that an email address would be great. I put it at the bottom of my “about” because Ranger pointed it out. I did, however, kind of disguised it so automatic trollers on the net couldn’t pick it up to spam me. Even a biological entity as dense as a lichen should be able to figure it out and send me an email should the desire arise.

          • I pondered about putting down my e-mail but it’s the one I use for everything and is so inundated. I put the link for the shelter and other links for how to be reached so there are certainly ways. It was a dilemma but for now that’s what I’m doing.

            It’s hard to believe you’re a rescue and Kaci. But then, we have a purebred rottie who was thrown away to be destroyed because he (Max) was born missing a paw. He’s the sweetest dog we’ve ever had. We also have a rottie-sharpei mix, Bella who is endless joy and entertainment. She was also pulled from a kill shelter.

            I’ll tell you Kyla, me and your bipeds are the real lucky ones. Yours is one of my favorite sites. So, thanks.

          • I’m from Mexico and probably the product of a puppy mill down there. When He wanted a dog, He wanted a terrier because He’s been with terriers mostly. Terriers are different. Terriers belong with Terrier peeps. He didn’t care if it were a mix, what gender it was or what age. He just wanted a terrier who really needed a home. It could have been a Cairn, Westie or Scottie and the first one He saw was ME! When He started, He thought He’d probably end up with a Westie because they’re just so darn cute when they’re pups and peeps buy them thinking they’re lap dogs but then the Westie grows up and becomes a true feisty terrier and they go to rescue because they’re not with terrier peeps. Yes, you can find a purebred rescue. Getting a rescue from a breed-specific rescue group is better than getting a puppy mill dog. She didn’t really want a Scottie but because of Her experience with me, She’s sold. I turned 10 1/2 today and if you get more than 12 years out of one, you’re doing well. I have Addison’s disease and who knows what time I have left, but I know They’ll be torn to shreds without me and I hope They’ll honor me by opening Their hearts to another Scottie in need when I’m gone.

          • You are so wise, and wonderful, and adorable and brought me to tears. With all the love that surrounds you who knows how much longer you’ll be around to grace all of us who are falling in love with you, along with your peeps. Rotties don’t live longer than 8-10 and AARP did a study on longevity based on rotties they found that lived to be twelve because it’s so unusual in the breed. Our last girl lived to be over fifteen years, a purebred that we rescued. If it can happen with her, who knows your fate. At any rate, wonderful Kyla, you’re here with us now and a very happy half birthday to you.

  3. Arrrrrroooooooo. You got that right !! I agree.

    • You did well-you have everything on the home page including your birth date (which you might regret later-you may want to fudge or start counting backward). I have no problem with that July 26, 2002. Whoooops, I meant 2012! 🙂

  4. Ahh Kyla, looks like we are at fault here, considering you pointed it out to us! hee hee. Though you stuck around so you must still like us. HOnestly I thought we tricked out our blog at that point to the most we could do, and would you believe it I never even realized there was a about page/ I had a about page till you pointed it out. That was definitely a smack my head moment, but of course I want people to know about us, so if its other then one just not being tech savvy enough to realize they have the option or not, I can’t imagine why one wouldn’t put a about me page! So right onthat

  5. Whew! I knew I had one, but I got nervous and double-checked. Luckily all is in order.

    • You finally got something or at least it shows you even have something. Before, your posts showed up with no link and I had no clue (moi, clueless again).

  6. yah, i notice that too. What the heck?? nicely said

    jazzi and addi

  7. I believe I am an offender Kyla. I will get on making an about button, because you are right!
    Alyssa, Mr. Fox & Scruffy

    • It wasn’t pointed at any particular blog. There are so many good blogs around that there’s no point in wasting time at one that is almost anonymous. I participate in yours.

  8. Yeah, we were looking at a new-to-us blogger just today, and couldn’t find out where they were from. We’d like to know.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  9. Cwap, I took mine off the blog, as we are sorting it out, having a re-vamp. Good job you already know us Kyla, we will get right onto it though 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  10. Holy Moley, we haven’t seen mom move that fast in a long time – she’d forgotten that she’d created an “About” page for each of us *BOL*

    We hope they meet your high standards Kyla – we’d hate to lose your patronage!

    W & S

    • I already know about you. It’s others that may be passing by – an “about” makes them more likely to stay and participate because they have some inkling what you’re “about”.

  11. I find that frustrating too, especially when the page is the generic wordpress one!

  12. I agree.. that’s why I put the posting schedule, topics and a pretty nifty about me section with pictures. I like to know about the person or animal who is writing.. its like reading the mini bio about and author on the back cover. It makes you feel a little connected to the person writing.

    • And you’re likely to just go away if the blogger is anonymous. Even little facts like where you’re from help visualize what’s going on. Some may think that they’ve always wanted to visit there and stay because of the location.

      • Nope. Since I’ve done online chats and games it’s always good to have a little something on there. Even if you don’t want to talk about yourself.. I say just include pictures.

  13. Crankity curmudgeon if you ask me. I did not put much in my profile because I did not want to toot my own horn and sound like I am all hot on myself. You want to write my biography?
    Sweet William The Scot

    • OK, here goes. “I’m a Scottish Terrier who was abandoned by Les Nussman–the weatherman at a local radio station (WKRP) and rescued by wonderful Lee. I’m into old music and contests. By day, I work as a tour guide for the world, showing the visitors greater Cincinnati, Ohio. By night, I dream of being with my girl friend, Jazzi who is in Illinois and miles away.”

      • That is a great wonder, awesome, marvelous. amazing , tremendous — stupendious, now who were you writing that about because I don’t recognize little me?
        You know I can use that bio. Thanks Kyla

  14. you’re right Kyla… good point – I will work on my site on weekend ;o)

  15. You’re old? Really? Come on. What the heck, just say what you want at any age, right? Scotties can say and do what we want anytime.

    Your pal,
    Lil’ Ole’ Man StuArt

    • Yeah, but being a Scottie and I’ll be 10 and a half tomorrow (which is starting to push it in Scottie terms), means I have 2 reasons to say what I want. I guess “Scottie curmudgeon” is a redundant term.

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