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I wonder about Kaci

Kaci has Them fetching for her. She takes a toy out of the toy bowl, parades around with it for a while then takes it into the kitchen and drops it.   This was unstaged, all a product of Kaci’s work this morning. They’ll take it all back to the bedroom and put the toys […]

Crazy weather

It’s 45 degrees here (7C), but it’s been raining. At 6am, Kaci had to go out to potty and there was hail on the astroturf. It’s snowing in Tucson (that’s almost Mexico it’s so far south) and the golf tournament there was stopped because the snow was sticking to the greens (whites?). Kaci and I […]

You’ve been warned

I get no respect


No pictures today, but the Scottie has been kept in Monopoly sets and the iron is gone (who irons anymore in this age of permanent press?). To replace the iron, , they’ve added a cat! Let’s make these symbols, living things, the theme for Valentine’s Day along with the retention of the dog (Scottie, representing the canine […]

It’s Groundhog Day

Arizona and Pennsylvania are very different in the winter. What happens in Pennsylvania doesn’t affect us here in Arizona.  A Pennsylvania groundhog can’t predict Arizona weather. I know I’m no groundhog, but I did see my shadow this morning and that means six more days of winter. Only six days here instead of six weeks. […]