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Trouble in New River City

This morning I left Kaci here so I could take my early morning nap. It appears she dug a hole. She dug this deep hole but where did she go? I hear something faint, let me get closer Why, it’s Kaci! Kaci, I can hardly hear you what’s happening? I think I heard you say […]

Happy Easter

I’ve taught Kaci to refuse to dress up in silly costumes for holidays. For Easter, she doesn’t need a costume-she IS the Easter Bunny. A very happy day from me and  Kaci the Easter Bunny.    

The results are in?

The vet called. Liver stuff was a bit high which might be caused by the pancreatitis which still hasn’t completely gone away. The thyroid test was showing that gland to be low in producing the one (of a few) hormones I need. The recommendation was either  an x-ray of the abdomen or an expensive ultrasound-either […]

I’m home!

I’m home! I feel peppy and alert. I have 2 new pills to take but I’m back on the boiled potatoes again. The doctor will call tomorrow after the test results come in but I’m glad to be with my friends, the Chinese boys and (of course) Kaci. I’ll read what you guys said in […]


This morning, Kyla wasn’t herself. Yesterday she was frapping with me and the guests but this morning she appeared to be in pain. They took her temperature, it was 104.9F (40.5C)! Into the vet she went. The office opens at 7:30 and the doctors don’t appear until 8:30. Kyla and He were waiting in the […]

House guests

Yesterday, one of Her high school classmates who lives near Placerville, California (gold rush country) came to stay until Friday. For dinner we were joined by another classmate from the San Francisco area so the animals in the house were outnumbered by humans and that hasn’t happened for a long time (we’re counting Kismet, of […]

I need a vacation

After Kyla was sick last week and I was in charge of the peeps (who were off the deep end), it’s time for me to rest.

While Kyla was sick

When I first came here in October, Kyla warned me about Them. She said They were good people but were klutzy. He’d starve if He were a handyman and She’s no better as a seamstress. Thank goodness They have other marketable talents. For example, Kyla told me that someone gave Them a gift They had […]

Great Update

I’m about 90% back to normal. Some days ago, I didn’t want to eat. Now, even I can’t believe that. I’m now begging for more food. The good thing is that the vet took me off the strict absolutely-no-fat-and-tasteless-boring-diet and I’m going to a very low fat gradually. I was kind of skimming all your […]

Here’s the latest.

I got up this morning and I felt great. I can’t believe I wolfed down the boiled potato swill. They even stuck my pills down my mouth and made certain I swallowed. He talked to the vet’s office and a bit later, I felt tired. Oh well, nothing is straight up or straight down so […]