Things aren’t so good


Kaci here! Kyla would never tell you and especially she’s not one to complain to put the damper on the birthday celebration for Ranger and Stuart (she still doesn’t want it known but I’m telling you-just don’t tell her I told you).  The good news is that the vet’s kids won’t have to worry about their college fund. The bad news is that Kyla is in bad shape. She was listless and on Tuesday morning, she didn’t want to eat breakfast-now that is the sign that she’s really ill. Into the vet she goes for a medical spa day. They ran tests (the results came in on various days) and had an water injected under her skin her temperature was 3F 2C above normal. Wednesday she spent at home but was perky in the morning and worse as the day went on. Thursday she was sort of OK but into the vet in the afternoon because she was worse for another IV all-afternoon session. Yesterday evening, Thursday, we thought there was a slight possibility we might lose her. Today, Friday, was another all-day vet session with IV. The test results kept coming in, no valley fever  but the final result was that she has pancreatitis. She was given anti-biotic pills after Tuesday but it doesn’t appear to be biological. She was give pain relief on Thursday but the doctor says that she’s “one tough terrier” and doesn’t complain but there are little tells that she has pain.


She’s been put on an extremely low-fat diet. Her dinner tonight was boiled potatoes (with no garnish). She also has some bad liver signs and has some hepatic pills. Tomorrow Saturday, it’s probably a half day of IV treatment. She eats well, but doesn’t drink well and is dehydrated.  I’ll keep you posted as long as she doesn’t see this and take away the computer.

He wants all of you in the Southern Hemisphere to keep a watch out for His wallet. He says it went “Down Under” but what He really wants is His BFF Kyla back and healthy. She has the IV attachment still in her foot and I’m supposed to stay away from it.


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I'm a rescue Chihuahua-West Highland White terrier mix in New River, AZ

44 comments on “Things aren’t so good

  1. Oh, that’s so upsetting. We’ve known a few dog with that, and they’ve been out walking with their owners. So we hope Kyla is one of those. We’ll keep our paws crossed and are sending healing vibes to our girl.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    If we find the wallet we’ll send it back ’cause it sounds like it’ll be empty!

  2. Sending lots of love and healing thoughts. Feel better soon sweetie.

  3. Oh no!! Please get better Kyla!! Sending all our good thought to you… Lickes from Dougall

    Fergie is thinking of you too…You’re night together at the ball means so much to him…

  4. Kaci thank you for telling us. We hate the thought of any of our Blogville family being ill & even more so ill & us not knowing about it. We won’t say a word, promise. But please know that we are thinking of all of you & keeping our paws crossed.
    You are a very good little sister.
    licks & love
    Wally & Sammy

  5. Me and Nellie are very sad to hear of Kayla’s illness. We love being told of her comments on our blog and We will keep an eye out for his wallet, after all we are down under, so to speak and if ti comes our way We will let you all know. Love Nellie and Jasper.

  6. Kaci, tears rolling, Kyla is gonna be just fine, we are sending all our love and healing powers to her.. You keep us informed, give her lots of cuddles. What a wonderful Sister you are xxxxx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  7. Kaci, this is not good news. We’re having enough ill health here without Kyla feeling the need to join in. Tell her she must stop it and get better. That’s an order!

    We’ll keep an eye out for the wallet, it might end up here in the Northern Hemisphere, but like Daisy said we’ll send it back ‘cos it’s likely to be empty and what use to us is an empty wallet!

    Thoughts remain with you all and we hope the weekend brings pswsitive news. xxx

  8. Kyla, we will be saying many prayers and crossing our paws all day. Our Sweetie better get well. We will be on blog duty station later this afternoon as soon as Dad gets home, to hear everything going on. You give her our lovies, huggies and kissies!

    Your Very Worried Pals
    Susie & Sidebite

    Pees; Maybe some of them Hot Southwertern Green Beans would fix you up!

  9. Oh Kyla, we are thinking good thoughts for you! Lots of puppy prayers are being sent your way.

  10. I agree with HIM – I want this wonderful wise Scotty Lady back and healthy. Please get well soon. Thanks for this sad but important information, Kaci – you are a good girl and a wonderful sister.

  11. Another thing I forgot to tell. She started seeing the regular vet but he had to go to “continuing education” courses on Thursday and won’t be back until Monday. We’re working with a substitute vet

  12. Kaci I am glad you told us. Lee and I will include Kyla in our prayers. Pancreatitis well you got to tell that inflammation to go away.
    Sweet William The Scot & Lee

    • I told it but it ignores me.

      • It is eleven at night here and we wanted to check to see if there was any news before we went to bed. You are in our prayers.
        SWTS & Lee

        • You’ll probably get this in the morning. Kyla came back worse than when we left her off. The vet said that they IV’d a new pain med. Kyla spends all Sunday with the family (yaaaah) and may undergo ultrasound on Monday (boooooooo).

          • Maybe being home all day is what Kyla needs. When your sick no one likes being taken places. It always has to get worse before it can get better. Well ultrasound is not painful thank goodness for that. Thank you for the up date Kaci. We will keep sending prayers Kyla’s way.

  13. Oh dear, this news has given us a stomach ache too! Boiled potatoes…poor Kyla! Thanks for keeping us updated Kaci! We’ll be keeping our paws crossed over here for good news.

    Edgar & his mum (who will keep her fingers crossed because she doesn’t have paws)

  14. Oh goodness…we send well wishes of health and healing…get well soon!!!!

  15. Oh Noes!!! OMD Kaci, I am so worried over here!!! You know I LOVES Kyla bunches, and I am keepin’ my paws crossed that she tells that Panceatitis to go to hell!!!!
    I know that Kyla is just to honory to let this get her down!
    Please keep us posted Kaci! You take care too. I know this has gotta be hard on you.

  16. Oh nos, that sounds awful!! My mom had pancreatitis once and it was very painful. All paws crossed here for Kyla to get better ASAP!!

    jazzi and addi

  17. Kaci I am going to cry. I love Kyla. I adore Kyla. She is one of my best blogville furiends. I am not a prayer, but I am going to pray for Kyla and you and them. Please give Kyla a hug and a pat and kiss from us.
    Alyssa, Mr. Fox & Scruffy

  18. Prayers, hugs and good wishes to one of my favorite pup blog families.

  19. Hello Kaci – this is my first visit to your blog, my buddy Dougall mentioned you guys in his last post and I just had to come over and say boy, do we hope that Kyla is better soon. What a worry for you all – and it must be tough for you all, seeing her so paw-ly. We are thinking of you and even though we don’t know you, please know that you are all in our thoughts and we are sending huge ‘get better soon’ thoughts to Kyla. She sounds like a tough cookie and we are keeping all paws and fingers crossed she will be better soon.



  20. Oh noes, poor Kyla:-( But if anyone can pull through, Kyla can. Sending her love and hugs and lots of positive thoughts. Tell her she has to get better, we have a date for the Iditarod next year!

  21. Oh, we have been through pancreatitis with my older brother. It is no fun and we’re really thinking about you guys!

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