The results are in?

SAM_0077The vet called. Liver stuff was a bit high which might be caused by the pancreatitis which still hasn’t completely gone away. The thyroid test was showing that gland to be low in producing the one (of a few) hormones I need. The recommendation was either  an x-ray of the abdomen or an expensive ultrasound-either one could tell what the problem is or not. So, we ordered the rest of the thyroid hormones to be checked, and an abdominal x-ray and trotted right into my second home to visit His money. He asked for a change of address form to change my address to the vet’s office. They took the x-rays and the doc couldn’t determine something that was on my right side where the pancreas is. So He approved forwarding the x-rays to a specialist in interpreting x-rays (if they’re in Spanish, I could have done the interpretation myself) and that’s extra. I was a little lethargic this morning but was perky in the afternoon and I got two more pills to take-not exactly gourmet food. The vet said “yes” to the 2 questions He asked and I’m going to get to take my first of the month heartworm med on Monday (and that’s my favorite treat of all) and YES, I can have egg whites (no yoke). So now my peeps and I are in suspense until Monday. I hope the vet’s kids enjoy grad school-there will be no student debt.

On the way home in the Scottiemobile, I wanted the top down and He said “NO”. I did say thanks for the bills he was paying but he told me “L’Oreal”.

Translation for those who didn’t catch the reference, there was/is a female cosmetic that has a slogan “It’s expensive, but I’m worth it”.

I think Doc, the Shih Tzu who left this morning, would work for green beans.

About Kismet

I'm a 16 year old Indian Ringneck parrot curmudgeon in New River, Arizona in the wild west country. If you're a sunflower seed, you're dinner.

43 comments on “The results are in?

  1. Hello Kyla. Thank you for the update. You are L’Oreal.
    Mom says that we’ll keep you in our prayers for some good results on Monday.
    Lovs ya.

  2. Kyla, Kyla, Kyla, I have been checking all day for an update. I’m hoping you are feeling a little better and am glad for you that you are getting to eat something other than potatoes. You look good I hope you are all done being sick with pancreatitis and anything else. I wish those danm dogters didn’t cost so much, but the peep is right – you are worth it.
    Alyssa, Mr. Fox & Scruffy

  3. Don’t like clicking like because I don’t like you being in mystery not being well but do like that we’re here to support you, hold you in our hearts and prayers, that you find out Monday what’s what and get a handle on this. Wish we had a magic tail to wag and make you better. Not easy. Sending you wags, woofs, and our biped is praying you’ll be okay. Max, Bella, and mom Paulette

  4. Oh, that’s good news so far right? It sounds like the results aren’t too out of whack so far (?), at least nothin’ that they can’t give you a pill for ~ your gonna spend most of the mornin’ takin’ pills gurl! ‘Spanish’ ~ at least you haven’t lost your sense of humor! That is very important when your drainin’ your peeps 401K! BOL
    Okays, seriously, I’m gonna keep my paws crossed that there is good news on Monday, and that you are gonna start feelin’ perkier tomorrow.
    pees: ‘Lorieal’ ~ BOL your Dad’s funny!

    • The problem is that you’ve heard the expression “If you want a friend, get a dog”. Both He and She plus Kaci think my picture should be there in Bartlett’s Famous Quotations on that one. Their human friends think so, too. I just wanted a home and a chance as a rescue.

  5. Hey sweetie, its me Bites. I am so relieved (no I didn’t pee) that you are doing so good, your really had Me going someting terrible, Dad was worried about ME! Also they didn’t show up to take us Away! Barharhar.

    Sending you my PORP by brain waves, lots ogf huggies, nose kissies and a ton of lovies, Susie says you go girl!

    Your Pals
    The Mad Scots

  6. We got the inference! So happy you’re feeling a bit better in the afternoons and can add a few things to that bland diet. Our Paws are still crossed!

    Our Kendra kept having tests ….because nothing was conclusive and the NEXT test just MIGHT be able to see what’s wrong. (We sent our Vet’s kids to expensive private schools.)

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    If it’ll help to send power of the rumpy patootie, we can do that too.

  7. Ok guys, , lets all work togethere here, “Oh Power of the Rumpie Patootie, we beg of you to help Kyla Out”. Your right, I think that may work!

    Susie Patootie

  8. Oh man!! his kids are so lucky BOL Paws crossed here for good results!

    Jazzi and Addi

  9. Kyla you are so worth it.. Humom is telling my Humom Brudder to study to be a vet..BOL but he wouldn’t be a rip off merchant… Now youz take it easy over the weekend bet you can’t wait for your egg white,,Yum 🙂 just close you eyes when you it it and imagine it’s a huge bag of beans xx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  10. You sure are worth it Kyla. Now, make sure you keep getting better. You’re not allowed to do anything else that okay!

  11. Oh Kyla – we are so sorry to read that you have not been well again. Try not to spend all weekend worrying about Monday – easier said than done, we know.

    Enjoy your egg whites and know that we are thinking of you…lots.

    Licks & love to you & Kaci & the peeps,
    Wally & Sammy (and Mom)

  12. I hope you can beat this pancreatitis-gremlin soon. I had a boiled potato today too while thinking about you , please get weel soon dear Scotty Lady :o)

  13. MMMMMM. Boiled potatoes are pasty not tasty.

  14. We hope you feel better soon!


  15. Of course you’re worth it Kyla…It’s good that you’re home and able to hve your favorite treat, but it’s got to be hard to wait till Monday to get answers…Hope you have a peaceful Easter and that the news is good

  16. How are you feeling today Kyla?

  17. My gayself cam out when I read L’Oreal (porque yo lo valgo!)
    At least you are helping the economy, you keep it moving, you should run for presiden, you’d do a better job and of course, you should suggest the vet puts your name to his clinic, you are supporting that place.
    Hope the results on monday are good news, fingers crossed.
    Cute pic btw.

  18. Every time we go to the vet (it seems like that’s daily) he tells the receptionist he’s there to visit his money.

  19. Paws crossed until Wednesday and we in this family have paid our fair share into the local vet too so it’s a global phenomenon.
    But what can you do – you’re right – we’re worth it!


  21. OH JOY!!!!!! RAPTURE!!!!!! Whew. You’re fine. Glad that’s over…. Now look. This is just too much.


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