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While Kyla was sick

When I first came here in October, Kyla warned me about Them. She said They were good people but were klutzy. He’d starve if He were a handyman and She’s no better as a seamstress. Thank goodness They have other marketable talents. For example, Kyla told me that someone gave Them a gift They had […]

Great Update

I’m about 90% back to normal. Some days ago, I didn’t want to eat. Now, even I can’t believe that. I’m now begging for more food. The good thing is that the vet took me off the strict absolutely-no-fat-and-tasteless-boring-diet and I’m going to a very low fat gradually. I was kind of skimming all your […]

Here’s the latest.

I got up this morning and I felt great. I can’t believe I wolfed down the boiled potato swill. They even stuck my pills down my mouth and made certain I swallowed. He talked to the vet’s office and a bit later, I felt tired. Oh well, nothing is straight up or straight down so […]

Hi everybody

Kyla feels well enough this morning for a statement. Right now I feel a lot better. Whatever they injected into me at the vet’s sent me to la la land and it’s worn off. I didn’t even want to eat last night (moi, not eating?). The peeps take my temperature and it’s been good. I’m […]

Things aren’t so good

Kaci here! Kyla would never tell you and especially she’s not one to complain to put the damper on the birthday celebration for Ranger and Stuart (she still doesn’t want it known but I’m telling you-just don’t tell her I told you). ┬áThe good news is that the vet’s kids won’t have to worry about […]

The end of the trail.

Well, we finally caught a ride. A truck stopped and said that we were two girls and a sled in search of snow, which we were. The driver said he was going home to snow country and would take us there, Yipppee! I asked to borrow his cell phone to tell my peeps we were […]

Birthday Party

We’ve had no luck hitching a ride to Alaska but we’re climbing in the standings, we’re now 57th because of drop outs and we’re not dropping out. After dark, They came to us and said that we weren’t going to get a ride that night and They needed us for the night. OK-we can do […]