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Park Day

It seems as everybody is celebrating spring by going to the park for “Park Day”   For one, I went to my back yard Scottie Park.   Take a little tour with me. There’s always something to chase-Kaci come back here and leave that lizard alone   We have all kinds of Scottie stuff decorating the park […]

Kaci-the great hunter

Kaci loves to chase anything. I remember when I thought I could get a bird (ah, puppyhood). One of the things Kaci chases is lizards. She’s never gotten one that I know of. I got one, bit off the tail and the lizard ran away. I think the tail grows back. It’s a hoot to […]

Man bites Dog

They say Dog bites Man isn’t news but Man bites Dog is news. You know we love our tarantulas and even have our own species-the New River rust rump. Tarantulas eat insects. This isn’t news, but we have an insect that eats tarantulas. It’s the Tarantula wasp. Here’s one we saw this morning. The adults […]

Gotcha Day-six months for Kaci

Gotcha Day-six months for Kaci

It’s been six months already, and yesterday was the six month Gotcha Day for Kaci. She had been in a few places and her history was unknown except that Lovebugs rescue found her in a pen with a lot of BIG dogs in a kill shelter.  She came to us six months ago, a very […]

For Downunder Daisy

In August, we had a rattlesnake visitor and reported on its removal.   Our friend, Downunder Daisy was eagle-eyed enough (she’s a Scottie after all) to spot that it was the Daisy Mountain Fire Department who did it. She wondered if there were a Daisy Mountain. Yes, Daisy, there IS a Daisy Mountain and I’ve waited […]

Kyla’s preoccupied

Kaci here. I have to post because Kyla’s attention is 100% directed at something else. It started yesterday when we got a surprise in our mailbox. It was from Stuart for Kyla! There was a card with a beautiful picture of Stuart Kyla was almost crying when she read it. “Oh, thank you for thinking of […]

Liver problems

Six months ago today, I lost my buddy Kenzie because of liver problems. I’ve dedicated this blog to him and he remains on the masthead. Yesterday, the vet called with my test results. The reason for the delay was that he had to consult with a specialist. The abdominal x-ray showed nothing strange and that’s […]