Kyla’s preoccupied

Kaci here. I have to post because Kyla’s attention is 100% directed at something else. It started yesterday when we got a surprise in our mailbox. It was from Stuart for Kyla! There was a card with a beautiful picture of Stuart


Kyla was almost crying when she read it. “Oh, thank you for thinking of me, Stuart, you made my month which was horrible so far!” It went up immediately in our gallery of honor.


It also came with two bags of low-fat treat. Kyla had been getting red yams, sliced and baked (occasionally burnt) in the oven. She was beside herself in joy


When told that she’d only get one a day because they were low fat and she wasn’t allowed to wolf them all at once, she became very protective of them and went on guard duty. I asked her why and she said “because SOD (some other doggy)  might come to steal them”. I told her New River was many square miles and nobody knew exactly where the treats were. She said “remember a couple of nights ago when They found piddle on the floor? Who did it?”. I said that we told Them that it was SOD. She asked “after They put down paper towels to soak up the piddle, who shredded the towels?”. Well, we blamed SOD. She said “well, SOD is you and you know where the treats are and I’m guarding them from YOU!”. Well, I never.

Now I have a problem. Do I let Kyla guard the treats forever or do I let her know that I’ll never get more than one because I get my regular treats and Kyla can’t have those but she doesn’t know I get the regular stuff? I might get one of these because Stuart said I could. What would Emily Post do?

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I'm a rescue Chihuahua-West Highland White terrier mix in New River, AZ

32 comments on “Kyla’s preoccupied

  1. Well now, first off, that Stuart he is just one great buddy to think of Kyla, Now about that SOD guy, yep those need to be guarded, they are special for our sweetie, maybe you can have one on the weekend, OK. OH, and never, never, never tell her your getting other treats, or we will be on you like stink on &#)@! GOT IT!

  2. Firstly…pawsome card from Stu!

    Moving on to the matter at hand: I (Sammy) wouldn’t breathe a word about your getting treats on the side to Kyla a) cos it will just upset her and b) cos then she won’t share her treats with you…the way I see it, if you keep quiet it’s a win-win.

    Just sayin…use it…don’t use it.

    Sammy (and Wally)

  3. How lovely and thoughtful was Stewart 🙂 I fink you could have just a little one on the weekends, you know how smart kyla is, if you don’t have one, she will know you are getting treats when she’z not looking.. We don’t want to upset her 🙂 xxxxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  4. Oh dear that is a pickle…Kaci is so lucky to have a boydawg like Stuart…you should let her stay happy and keep your treats on the QT…

  5. Hard one, Kyla. Those treats were sent to YOU, cause you can’t have other treats. But under the ‘each one eats one’ rule, Kaci needs to have something as well….not necessarily the treats that Stuart sent. SOD sounds just like our Somedoggy and can’t be trusted. Maybe your mum can put them up HIGH.

    That Stuart isn’t just a handsome dude…he’s generous, too. Hope those treats make you feel better. Burnt yam….sheesh! (Must have gone to the same cooking school SHE did.)

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  6. Wow,Stuart, that was so sweet of you and my you are handsome and you know the way to Kyla’s heart which made our tails wag wag. Max & Bella 🙂

  7. That Stuart is just the best!!!! I am sure Kyla will certainly share those treats. Really, she will, maybe, we hope!
    Alyssa, Mr. Fox & Scruffy

  8. What a dilemma and what a wonderful centrefold Stuart makes.
    I think you should be noble now and let Kaci have ALL those special treats and you have your regular ones. That way you don’t have to mention the ordinary treats you get to Kaci and she thinks you’re being amazing which will earn you points in the future 🙂

  9. Wow, that Stuart is a very cool dude! That was very thoughtful of him to send Kyla those tasty lookin’ treaties!!
    Never ~ I repeat, never tell her your gettin’ the good stuffs!! She would be all kinds of jealous, and might retaliate.
    Mums the word.

  10. I’ll try to follow that

  11. I think your house is keeping to many secrets. I’m confused and that happens easily. Stuart is a great friend. Keep watch on your treats it is like a shell game at your place.
    Sweet William The Scot

  12. Stuart is such a great pup! So thoughtful of him. l hope you AND Kyla get to enjoy! Much love, The Scottie Mom.

  13. AND I WAS JUST ABOUT TO BITE THE USPS PERSON!!!!! Whew. The peep’s receipt said you should have received those treats on Monday, April 8 by 3:00.

    Now. I don’t know about you. But I just don’t trust the USPS. After what happened with the luscious peanut butter cookies you made and sent me. I DIDN’T GET THAT PACKAGE UNTIL A MONTH LATER.

    OK. I’ve calmed down a bit.

    Kaci, you need to get at least one. Maybe break it into two pieces. My peeps are so stingy, they break one piece into four thinking that I’m dumb enough to think I’m GETTING FOUR TREATS.

    Tell Kyla I’m glad she’s allowed to eat one at all. I was worried….

  14. Kyla would thank you personally, but she’s on guard duty.

  15. What a lovely gift from Stuart!
    Kaci, hope you manage to score some treats!

  16. Brush your teeth little one before you let her sniff you, cause she will know you had a special treat by smell or she will just know. I can’t get anything past my kids. Its like they tattle on me and want me to be exactly the same to all of them.

  17. Make sure everyone is following the rules, each one gets one!

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