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Silent Sunday

How to be cool.

Kyla “the fashion maven” here. I was always told that it was cool to wear your sunglasses on the top of your head.

This is arfull

I went to the dogtor this morning-was there for 2 hours. He scraped and looked at stuff in the microscope. He said I had a bacterial infection in my back and he saw a mite. A mite? How do I get a mite? Anyway, I have a new pill to take every day plus this […]

I don’t know what it is

Recently I told you about my pimples on my back. the baths haven’t been helping. Lately, my paws aren’t right either, Usually they’re bad in cold weather but at the end of June in Arizona?? I’ve been limping along and They put booties on my front feet. I go to the dogtor 9am tomorrow morning. […]

I’m a teenager again!

Despite being 11 next month (that’s 77 in dog years but I won’t hear of it), I have pimples on my back. I had them  a few years ago and they’re doing the same thing. Unfortunately it involves putting a medicated soap on the back and letting it sit for 10 minutes then washing it […]

Park Day 3.0

It was “Bark in the Park” day at the ball park yesterday where dogs were welcomed-except me, of course. Only customers could bring a dog. Nevermind (I’ve given up pleading my case to go), He played the part of the investigative journalist in attempt number three to find a Scottie (Attempts one and two). The […]

Our Wild Pigs

Earlier this week, Stuart reported on his trip to North Carolina where he thought there were wild pigs about. We have them in Arizona. Well, not pigs exactly because pigs are native to the Eastern Hemisphere and any true pigs are descendants of escapees brought here by humans. We do have a native member of […]

They’ve obtained reinforcements

Oh no, I thought Horrible Hoover and the evil Dr. Broom were bad enough. They went and got help in the war against us. Look at the box-this thing always sucks. Kaci and I have big challenges ahead.  

Where in the World

Stuart has decided to take the weekend off to celebrate his 7th gotcha day. For those of us who are addicted to his Saturday “Where in the World” posts, I’ve decided to fill the void this Saturday. OK, where (probably) is this Scottie and his slave chauffeur?