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My best flowers are out

My favo(u)rite cactus is in bloom. It blooms about six times a year when it’s been established and sometimes at Christmastime.

Good Times

Yesterday’s birthday included new toys Our tradition is that both dogs get celebrated (it’s like having 2 birthdays a year but only adding one year to your age) so Kaci did OK I (we) got birthday treats I have only one word to say: M O R E!!!!!!!   P.S. Thanks for all your wishes yesterday.   […]

SHHHHHHHH-it’s a secret

Kyla is getting sensative about her age. She doesn’t want anyone to know that she’s 11 in about an hour when it turns July 26th here. Don’t get me in hot water with my best buddy for telling you.

Kharma returns

Kharma, our frog friend (see hasn’t been around since November. Last night, on our last potty-out, she was there to greet us. Kharma, stick around for a while-don’t be so fickle.  

It’s monsoon time

In June through September, Arizona gets monsoons, but mostly and most intense in July and August. I’m used to them-if there’s thunder I  have no problem-I just enjoy the show. We were worried about Kaci-this would be her first monsoon season. She saw how calm I was and she was (uncharacteristically) calm also. These storms […]

It arrived

We found a package in the mailbox It was addressed to me, but They wouldn’t let me open it. They insisted on doing it because of fragile stuff inside. Why, it was from Mollie and Alfie. It had a nice note and Kaci and Kismet Christmas tree ornaments. I was hoping for equal treatment but […]

To Thine Own Self Be True

It’s British Open time in my ancestral home of Scotland. My peep thought He’d do me and the game of golf (hey, He broke 100 once in his life and then went to the second nine) a tribute so He helped Himself to a Bottle of British beer. Or so He thought. What could be […]

Scottie Stuff

My friend, Mr. Fox, had his Mom go back east (in the US) to New Joisy (just kidding, Mr. Fox) to visit Mr. Fox’s grand mum.  Evidently Mr. Fox’s grandmum is very intelligent (besides being a good egg) and has a lot of Scottie stuff blessing her abode. We saw some of the treasures: […]

Another bad idea

Just so you don’t think I’m making this up, here’s the link  ( . Dogs have always had a love/hate relationship with cars since cars came on the scene. We love to stick our heads out the window, enjoy the breeze, and get a whole bunch of whiffs in rapid succession. The bad news is […]

Waiting for Acme Manufacturing

We woke up this morning and there was a roadrunner in our back yard. This doesn’t bother me any more-I’ve learned that I’m not going to catch a bird. The roadrunner can fly but I couldn’t even catch him on the ground-they’re fast and quick.We forgot to ask what he was doing in our back […]