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Scottie Stuff

My friend, Mr. Fox, had his Mom go back east (in the US) to New Joisy (just kidding, Mr. Fox) to visit Mr. Fox’s grand mum.  Evidently Mr. Fox’s grandmum is very intelligent (besides being a good egg) and has a lot of Scottie stuff blessing her abode. We saw some of the treasures: […]

Another bad idea

Just so you don’t think I’m making this up, here’s the link  ( . Dogs have always had a love/hate relationship with cars since cars came on the scene. We love to stick our heads out the window, enjoy the breeze, and get a whole bunch of whiffs in rapid succession. The bad news is […]

Waiting for Acme Manufacturing

We woke up this morning and there was a roadrunner in our back yard. This doesn’t bother me any more-I’ve learned that I’m not going to catch a bird. The roadrunner can fly but I couldn’t even catch him on the ground-they’re fast and quick.We forgot to ask what he was doing in our back […]

I need your help

Ok, some of you have been outbid on the auction to help the animals who were victims of tornados in Oklahoma. You’ve got funds to help. I’ve got a real cause for you. One of my favorite things is green beans. Green beans are really good . Now, if something is getting abused and battered […]

Potato Chips-Kyla Style

When I had pancreatitis, the dogtor told me I had to be on a low fat diet for the rest of my life. The pancreas processes fat, he said. Restricting me from eating anything does not sit well with me. We did come up with Kyla Chips. You take a sweet potato, peel it and […]

There’s no accounting for taste

I have to check my spam folder because sometimes good things are there. Dougall’s responses sometimes go there and that’s definitely NOT spam. I got one from yesterday’s Silent Sunday post that said (and this is the total message): One of the top ten informative posts ever. This an award from a spammer for yesterday’s post. OK, […]