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Getting around Glacier

There’s a unique way to see Glacier National Park. We didn’t do it (we had better with our own park ranger), but fans of classic vehicles will be interested in the Red Jammer Tours. These vehicles hold 17 people, have a canvas top which can be opened in good weather (a big convertible), and were […]

Finally Snow in the Park

We continued into the park on the Going to the Sun Road. The road will have its own post later. We finally got to see some snow (it’s late August-the equivalent of late February in the Southern Hemisphere). These are not glaciers, they’re remnants. They don’t move. A glacier moves and the top front of […]

Entering Glacier National Park

We were privileged to ride with a retired park ranger and her hubby and in their limosine Nissan, no less. The advantage to this royal treatment (no, she’s not for hire) is that she knows everything about the park. Even before we got to the park, we toured a dam near the entrance We entered the park […]

Another Food Fraud.

A couple of items: Tomorrow starts the Glacier National Park report. When I was in Montana, they named a town for me. I was hono(u)red until I found out that they incorrectly spelled my name. “Kila”!  I want my 10 bucks back that I paid them. Now for today’s subject. Recently I exposed a fraud […]

The Zoo is complete

We’re home but not a complete set, yet. We’re missing MY pet, Kismet. Off we go to the bird store where Kismet has been for the last 2 weeks. Kismet had plenty to discuss with her furends featherends. Kismet travels in her own Kismet Koach (not as stylish as my Scottiemobile). Wednesday is the start of […]

It Rained on my Triumphal Trip home.

Wow, the last leg of the misadventure. We left St. George, Utah in sunny weather. Here’s the red rock just outside of the hotel parking lot There are a lot of dogs travelling with their peeps (hint, hint to you lackards). I had to ask about these because Misaki would want to know and I found […]

The Penultimate Day

One more day to go and then HOME! This was the longest day in the car of the trip, Idaho Falls to St George, Utah (almost in Arizona). We went the other way on Interstate 15 and saw the same things. We REALLY wanted to do something about the Salt Lake for Sweet William the […]

Trip Update

Wednesday we traveled from Helena to Kalispell (both in Montana). Most of the trip was on roads with one lane for each direction and all the good stuff was on the other side. We knew we’d be returning and the good stuff would be on the side we were travelling (speed limit 70mph 115 kmh). […]

The Doxie way to “Occupy Couch”

This past April, some canines were upset that they weren’t allowed on the couch. Say what???? We’ve always been allowed there so we didn’t join the protest because you don’t fight for something you already have. Well, our Doxie cousins have us one better. They are ENCOURAGED to use the couch. Being Doxies, getting there […]

Lazy Day

After all the travelling and the reunion (for me) and meeting of new friends for Kaci, everybody has decided to take the day off. I have booties on my back feet. I stepped in pine sap and I didn’t even know what a pine is. That’s a story for a future post. Both Bandit and […]