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We’ll be here for a bit

We arrived at our relatives’ house. Here are my cousins: Digger and Bandit   Digger: Bandit: You can catch a little of their personalities by this short video FOR SWTS: Digger has arthritis in his tailbone, a bad knee and is bowlegged. He swims and surfs to build up leg strength. He’s only five and […]

On to Montana

The longest car ride of my life. I understand that I’m going to break my personal record very soon on the way back. We didn’t have time to stop for much, but just for Sweet William, we actually tried to get a picture of the Salt Lake, it really didn’t work out but here’s the […]

On to Utah!

We woke up this morning. I checked my stash and it was the same as it was last night. He didn’t steal my treats and lose them in Vegas. OK, time to leave Vegas. Most Vegas hotels have themes, some you can easily see (New York NY, Paris, the Venetian). Some are just a little […]

VIVA Las Vegas!

We got up this morning, packed the car and were ready to go. He said to me that I should take the first driving shift. OK, said I reluctantly because I’d rather watch the scenery. I love to shift. What, no shifting? It’s an automatic and there’s no shifting. I don’t know how to drive […]

We’re getting ready

We leave on our grand adventure tomorrow. We’ll be posting at night and hopefully we’ll have time to respond to your comments and visit your blogs. We’ll be north of Las Vegas tomorrow night. We’re getting prepared (did you notice that They packed my booties? Boo Hiss): The wildlife is clamoring to go with us […]

Jail Bird

We’re all going to Montana on our trip starting Thursday. You’re invited also-just read the posts here. You’ll enjoy the Rocky Mountain area of the US with us. When I said we’re all going, that includes Kaci and me. Not ALL of us are going-Kismet is going to birdie summer camp for two weeks-back to […]

She’s Mocking Me!

Today was torture day. Here’s the torture chamber: For some reason They decided that I needed the full treatment but Kaci just needed a pedicure. Here I am after Here’s Kaci after After her post yesterday, I think she’s mocking me. She claims that the groomer cut one nail too short and caught blood. I […]

My ears hurt

Kaci here and my ears and eyes are really hurting: Kyla has no excuse for screaming at me “NO KACI, THIS ISN’T A BOOTIE-IT’S A SOCK PUPPET”.    

Garden Time

A few days ago, Mollie showed her garden. It’s time for me to show mine. Why is the garden in pots?, you ask. The answer is “bunnies”. They’ll eat anything in sight but won’t go into these pots. I guess it’s because they can’t see what they’re jumping into and I know they could jump […]

What’s going on here?

I thought I covered my weakness for the sweet potato chips on my July 3rd post, but today They went bananas (for Them which means big time bonkers). ¬†All day They made Kyla chips, one batch after another-I was in heaven. I guess They read Kirby’s recent post¬†about sweet potato dog food where Kirby said […]