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Thank goodness for the right equipment

Kaci here. Today we had the return of Karma, only it wasn’t Karma but Karma’s mini-me. We took Mini-Karma out of the chemically treated pool and put her on the ground where she blends right in but you can see her if you look hard enough. I wondered why these guys keep coming back. Kyla […]

Silent Sunday with a message for me

This is beautiful

I have tears in my eyes every time I see this. Please visit Look at the video. All of you bloggers, whether canine, feline, supine or lupine ought to tell your peeps that when you go to the bridge, They can hono(u)r you by getting an animal in need of a home. There are […]

They’re Baaaaaack

Around here September is tarantula month. You’d think it would be at the end of October, but they have a mind of their own. For those who are new to the blog, we have our own species of taratulas-the New River rust rump. We love them-even She loves them and nobody could have predicted that. […]

I feel like a proud mother

I’ll never be a mother. Today I went outside to do something (my business) and I noticed that my saguaro is starting to grow an arm. We got this cactus 11 years ago and it was around six foot (2m) high. It’s about three times that now. It wasn’t there in March when we trained […]

Go get ’em

I can sit for hours looking out at the front yard What am I observing? Harris’ antelope ground squirrels like this one. They’re so quick, I can’t get a good photo of them so I had to borrow an image from the web. I can see them and their holes but They won’t let me […]

I’m starting to build my family tree

Since I’m a rescue and have no papers or any idea of even who my parents were, I’m going to make up my family tree. Here’s a short video (you may have to suffer a 30 second ad before it) and I don’t know where to place this fellow on the tree, Any suggestions? Here’s […]

I always knew Misaki is a model

I was out of dog food so we went shopping. Kyla and I don’t eat the same food because it’s not fair to stick this puppy with her fuddy-duddy senior very low fat food. Guess what I found! It’s a bag with MisakiĀ on the bag. It’s a lot for me. In terms we Scottish dogs […]

Does anyone know the cheapest place to buy Aroooogaine?

Now I know how a man peep feels when he looks at himself in the mirror and notices that his hair is disappearing. I’d heard that it wasn’t a good feeling and now I know. I’m losing the fur on my back. It’s getting thinner up there. Evidently the groomer told Them the last time […]

Last Glacier Park post

Update-I tried the Montana hot sauce. There was nothing about Montana in it but it was decent because it was habanero based and not jalapeno based. Now to today’s topic. The glue that holds Glacier National Park together for the casual visitor is the Going-to-the-Sun road. Unfortunately, it’s tough to get a good picture from […]