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I’m Igognito

Betcha can’t tell who this is because of the costume. Ohhh no-Stuart, you cheated and said it was me. I told you I was going as a strip-tease artist. I’m wearing a bootie so I’m legal-not completely naked. Sorry, I thought I had everybody with my creative and expensive costume. For all of you in […]

Unfair unfair unfair

They came home from the glorious food store (where would I be without the food store?). He kinda entered the house furtively and snuck around to his office. What’s up? It looks like He’s hiding something. ¬†AHA-caught Him. What have we here? I’ve never seen these before-product of Scotland, no less. He said I haven’t […]

All of the 1st batch are on their way.

The last part of the first batch of ScottieMobile plates were sent today (Friday). Some of you will have to wait for the manufacturer to get the second batch to us. The good news is that we have our top-rated shipping department headed by Kaci to serve you I’m just so proud of our shipping […]

The deadline has past

The great license plate rescue’s deadline is gone. I’ve made a decision. I make great decisions just after breakfast because food isn’t the only thing on my mind (just the main thing) until I start campaigning for dinner in 15 minutes. I’ve decided that all those who followed the rules by sending me an email […]

Only a couple of more days to go

Only a couple of days left to ask for a licence plate. See my previous post about it. I’ve had requests on the blog for one-no good. I’ve had email requests for one with no address-no good. The Post Office has enough problems delivering mail with perfect addresses. Send an email including your address to […]

Christmas comes early to Blogville

Arizona is one of a dwindling few US states that doesn’t require a front license plate. You’re allowed to put something on the front just as long as it isn’t similar to a government license plate and cannot be mistaken for a government-issued license plate. I’ve been in the SM (ScottieMobile) for a while and […]

I don’t know what the problem is

To all my friends on Blogger (Blogspot). For some reason I’m having trouble replying to your posts. I’ve tried 2 different computers, two different operating systems and four different browsers. I’m beginning to think I’ve been Brindle-listed. Update-I think I’ve found the problem. Somehow there were 2 computers on my home network with the same […]