I don’t know what the problem is

SAM_0652To all my friends on Blogger (Blogspot). For some reason I’m having trouble replying to your posts. I’ve tried 2 different computers, two different operating systems and four different browsers. I’m beginning to think I’ve been Brindle-listed.

Update-I think I’ve found the problem. Somehow there were 2 computers on my home network with the same IP addresses. I don’t know how this happened (it’s not supposed to happen because they’re assigned by the same piece of equipment automagically).

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I'm a 16 year old Indian Ringneck parrot curmudgeon in New River, Arizona in the wild west country. If you're a sunflower seed, you're dinner.

20 comments on “I don’t know what the problem is

  1. Oh NO! I hope you can still reply to me. I always look forward to hearing from you. Mom’s an idiot when it comes to computers and won’t be any help to you. I’m surprised she half ass figured out this blog thingy.

    Aroo to you,

    • OK, I’m trying to see if I can reply to a comment on MY blog. I seem not to be able to comment on YOURS. Boo Hiss.

      • I couldn’t comment on YOUR blog about your last post. Note to Everyone on Blogspot.
        I STILL LOVE YOU-I just can’t bark at you. Somehow I seem to be signed out and the pull down menu about chosing my profile won’t pull down. HRRUMPH.

  2. The problem must be local to Kyla. I can post and she can’t. Somebody or something finally shut her up!!!

  3. Oh man, that sucks gurl!!
    Well, i don’t know if this will, help, it sounds like you might have already tried this, butt I found this blogger who had the same problem, it’s worth a shot….


    Butts, if it’s only affecting your profile and not Kaci’s, then this probably isn’t the answer….
    Shoot. Well, I will pray to the blogging God’s that you will find the answer soon, cause I miss your smart ass!! BOL

    • I never manually changed the settings and the settings were as recommended for enabling cookies. It has to be something else. I’ll figure it out (eventually). I did put on 23 updates on the Windows machine today but that won’t explain why it won’t work on Linux. Until I figure it out, don’t assume I’m mad at you because i don’t comment. I’ll have Kaci do some work and comment assuming her stuff still works.

  4. I had that Kyla, I think that Blogspot has a mind of it’s own sometimes. xxxoooxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  5. We HATE when that happens. Hope it gets fixed soon….very annoying.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  6. Brindle listed??? Is that like Black listed only it happens with warm wars not Cold War.
    Is you IP address on the Brindle list. Have you been put on the spam address.
    If all of your computers are operating off the same IP that is a possibility. Try turning your modem off for five minutes then turn it back on twice. That will change your IP.
    Sweet William The Scot


  7. Sometimes I can’t leave a comment on blogspot . It always says: your open Id authorization could not be verified. And sometimes blogspot-posts are NOT in my reader, I have to type in the url to visit this blogs. Maybe Mrs. Blogspot and Mr. WP are not really a love couple :o)

  8. See above-I think I have it solved

  9. Hopefully you’ve found the problem. I hate it when you can’t do what you want to do.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂

  10. This happens to me too. I hate it when that happens….

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