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Good news and Bad news

OK, bad news first. ¬†Way before me, They had a Westie mix who was found wandering near Interstate 280 just South of San Francisco. They had a Thanksgiving dinner for a bunch of people. The next day Casper was rushed to the vet-They thought They were going to lose him. It turns out that Casper […]

The Secret of Youth

It rained a lot over the weekend. Look what we found this morning in the pool: Karma came for a visit. Since her last visit a while ago, she’s lost weight and appears younger. I asked her what the secret was. “First, every day you go into the water, submerge yourself, and stay completely submerged […]

The clues were there for you

We’re going to figure out which of the three stories from yesterday was true. To help, we’re enlisting the aid of 2 experts. First up is Miss Jane Marple-who studied behavio(u)r in her English village and solved crimes by noticing out of character actions. We also have Sherlock Holmes who solved crimes by deduction. He’s […]

A little difference of opinion.

You know, Kaci, Ranger is having “False Confession Day” today where you give stories and the readers have to tell which one is real and which one is false. I’m having a real problem coming up with something I’ve done wrong for the real one. I certainly know what you mean, Kyla-I have the same […]


Kaci and I are upset. You see, there was a six month old Scottie boy who had peeps who weren’t prepared for an energetic terrier. He was only 40 miles away. They were getting him a new home. We got our two cents in as quickly as possible. It was a match made in heaven […]

Lessons for Puppies

First-the second batch of licence plates was mailed yesterday. Those who were in the mailing know that they’re in the second batch. US dogs should get them in a week and International dogs in about three weeks. If you don’t get it, let me know. Those in the first batch should have all gotten them […]

Kaci the horse player

Every time there’s a horse race on the TV, Kaci gets into it. She listens to all the info and roots for her horse. After the race, she learns what she did wrong. This was on Saturday-the Breeder’s Cup with the best in racing. Here’s Kaci after a race. Kaci is as good as any […]