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Have I got a deal for you!

First, you know Kismet, MY parrot. Kismet loves getting a soda carton and shredding it. Here she is with a new one Now she gets into it (in more ways than one) The peeps call it her “house”. She gets to work on her house And finally we replace it with a new one. The […]

The peeps came through for me

The peeps took pity on me because I only got a lump of coal from Santa. They gave me a ball and I love it. I’m so happy I could just dance, as you’ll see in the video. It’s not long so stay with it to the end.

I got ripped off

Kaci here. Last night (Christmas eve), I told Kyla that I wanted to leave something for Santa so he’d give me better presents. She said that Santa must be a Scot, because all goodness is Scot. He’s probably appreciate a nip of Scotch but not too much-he has to drive and those reindeer have no […]

What’s really important

Whatcha looking at, Kaci? I’m waiting for the fat man in red to come. Don’t you know, that isn’t what this time of year is about? It’s about presents for MEEEE! NO-It’s about peace on earth and treating others very well. That’s what you said last year and nothing’s changed. Some have been waiting for […]

Details, details, details

They got a little upset at me. At least my front paws were on the rocks and that’s what counts,

Christmas Outside

The peeps, being lazy, left the Christmas decorating to us. Kaci and I did a bang up job, of course. The first thing we did was to call for supervision. Although this is my second Christmas with Kaci, it’s also my second Christmas without Kenzie and we had to call on his spirit to make […]

New Blog for you

For dog lovers, Scotties in particular and those of us part of a black/white pair, go see the Cork Scots at They’re in Florida and I’ll let them do their own barking about themselves.

You’ve got Mail

Kaci and I don’t participate in card exchanges, but we might be shamed to do something this year. We’ve received some and I’m going to show you some of the exceptional ones. I don’t keep count like others do because I don’t want to embarrass the peeps (They’re doing very well this year, having received […]

Kaci IS the dog show.

We were a bit behind in our TV watching, so we’re late to watch the dog show. Kaci loves them and Kismet eggs her on. The real dog show is ┬áKaci.