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Ok guys, suck it up. Let’s not have any revenge gloating or Schadenfreude here. My neighbor and fellow blogger, the Crazy Lady from Ranch Run-Amok has a real eye problem. She has a cornea problem. This is no laughing matter. Go visit her and give your best sympathies-you’ve been there. She even has a problem drinking […]

More untruth in labeling.

In my continuing series of lying labels, like the coconut milk that never could go past date because it supposedly went bad on February 29th, 2015, I present this case. In October 1989, the baseball World Series (the championship) featured the two then local teams to Them. They got to go to all four games, […]

I love it when Bloggers get together

Today I got to go on a hike with Tim and Melanie who live about 15 miles (about 25km) away along with Clarence, their dog. Plus, blogging friends from Ranch Run-A-Muck along with some of their 13 rescues. The humans are (these are their names for themselves): “Crabby” and “The Crazy Lady”   Both the Crazy […]

They’re inseperable

The family that chews together stays together


On Sunday, it’s my half birthday and I’ll be officially 11½. Just look at me and how white I’m turning   I have to ask you wheaten Scotties out there, would you accept me into your club since I’ll be like you in six months?

We won’t be left behind.

It seems as though everyone else in the world is starting their own business. The K-gang of 4 has to keep up. Announcing the K4 excess food cleanup service. Getting strangled with excess food? The K4 crew works quietly, efficiently and (best of all) we’re cheap. We’re here to help when you have all that […]

There’s a very serious problem

The squirrels are taking over first there was this commercial Now the squirrel mock us by rubbing it in our faces-they’re bragging about it. We have no squirrels in Arizona but I intend to keep it that way. For those of you that live in a squirrel-infested area-get busy.

Identical Twins

Kali got her stitch removed this morning and got a clean bill of health (but she should cool the activity a bit for a week). I used to be able to tell Kali and Kaci apart but with the stitch removed, now they’re identical twins and telling which one is which is very hard.

We’re generous

Someone’s going to get a lump of coal for Christmas next December. We three dogs got together and decided that we’ll share some of our booty with the parrot even though we can’t figure out how Santa got into the cage.  

Shame, shame, shame

The good news is that Kali’s bandage is off. Yes, there’s bad news Our vet changed his name from Dr. Cohen to Dr. Cone.